Thursday, March 02, 2006

A Meltdown!!

I had a great lunch date with my bestest friend today and my beautiful niece. Unfortunately we didn't think too much about calories today. I do think that talking must burn some calories! We got back into town and I had to get groceries. Gavin and Scott stayed in the van and had a cat nap. I stocked up on all nutrional food, no pizza pops, no ice cream, no good stuff (as my husband would say).
We had my friend's son over after school and then after he left we decided to go to Walmart as a family. I'm not sure who's brainy idea this was. The plan started off good. We all went into the store and before Scott went to Electronics we decided to hit the soap aisle and pick out our favourite body washes and soap. The kids were just wired. They were running, jumping, hitting and yelling. I was getting frazzled. In the soap aisle I need time to think, to absorb and to decide what kind of soap I want to buy. I was getting stressed out. My head began to throb and all of a sudden my blood began to boil. Jonas and Gavin began to fight. Gavin turned around and whalloped Jonas in the head. I turned around and started to yell...the words came out loud, but in slow motion...
"TOILET PAPER!!!!" I screamed.
My whole family stopped dead in their tracks and stared at me. Scott looked like I was certainly a freak of nature and if he could he would have ran away from us down the aisle.
The boys began to chuckle. The lady beside me in the soap aisle started to laugh.
"Toilet Paper?" Seamus asked.
I walked off laughing. Why didn't I yell "stop it", "settle down", or "behave yourself," but "toilet paper?" I swear I'm losing it!!!
After Walmart we sat in the van and were discussing what we were having for supper.
"We have a fridge full of good food!" I said trying to persuade my family to eat at home.
"I think we want some good stuff!" Jonas replied.
" 'bout A&W?" Scott replied.
So we ate at A&W. 2 horrible meals for me today and about 1 billion calories. I guess that blows the whole "if you have only good food in the house"theory. Oh well tomorrow's another day....
Last night we were sitting around the dinner table finishing our meal. Jonas began to have a meltdown. He was sad about being small. He wanted to be bigger and was tired of being a small boy.
"You're built just like me!"Scott boasted.
"Nothing wrong with Daddy is there?" I added.
"I guess not...yeah that's okay if I look like daddy!" he smiled.
There was a half moment of silence and then Gavin (my soon to be 3 year old) responded, "except that he's bald!"
We started to laugh...and he said again, "except that he's bald!"
Now how on earth would a little boy (soon to be 3) have enough wits about him to say that? Scott laughed it off,but I caught Scott checking his hairline in the mirror last night!
Anyhow that's the extent of the last couple of days. I am vegging out with my hunny tonight! We have a hockey tournament this weekend to go to.
Have a great day!


Chunks said...

Don't beat yourself up too badly about one day of bad food choices, tomorrow is another day!

Funny about yelling out TP...don't kids just make you crazy sometimes?!

Tanya said...

Tomorrow's another day. Its hard when you're all out together and so close to the fast food joints. I know thats when we have our moments of weakness. You'll be alright. Have fun in Rupert!

the therapeutic writer said...

ROTFLMFAO @ Toilet Paper.

If you'd yelled Settle Down, they would've ignored you. Your Super-Mama Powers kicked in and you yelled TP to get their attention... and it worked.


Camille said...

that is hilarious!! lol big time about the toilet paper comment. you have the best stories!....

did you ever know that you're my heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerooooooooooo

Charlene said...

I love your story as it sounds so much like on of mine and Adam's visits to Walmart. That store makes kids go crazy I think. I really know the feeling of loosing my mind. haha! And the blad thing, isn't it hillarious the things that kids come out with. I love it! Annabelle (same age) does the same kind of thing all the time. Kind of embassing sometimes :)

Debbi said...

Toilet Paper! I'm gonna try that the next time the kids are misbehaving in public. Makes perfect sense. :)

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