Thursday, March 23, 2006

A Pain in the Neck

The past couple of weeks I have started having terrible migraines again. They become excruciating after I go into a grocery store with those big fluorescent lights. On Tuesday night at my mom's I had a full blown one and thought my brain was going to explode. (My husband ended up getting a mild concussion from playing hockey so the pair of us were a sight for sore eyes and heads!!) I have a doctor's appointment on Friday to see what the culprit may be.
In January of this year I went off of Diet Pepsi. It was probably the biggest addiction I've had to give up. I was sick to my stomach, felt like I had the flu and got the worst migraines ever!! Two weeks ago I started drinking diet pepsi again. (Why I don't know???) I didn't think too much about this until I was told to keep track of what new thing I may have introduced into my system in the past few weeks. When we went to Prince George we ate a lot of junk, and drank a lot of pop. I even had a diet pop the other night at my mom's. I am convinced the aspartame is a contributing factor to my migraines. I did some research online last night with aspartame. I won't be feeding this to me or my family members!!! Pretty scary stuff!! All of the symptoms I've had the past couple of weeks are consistent with having too much aspartame. I'm sure some will say hogwash (to put it nicely) but it's day 2 without aspartame and I don't have a headache. The first in 2 weeks. I even went to Safeway and my eyes didn't bother me with the lights. Who knows....
My headache's gone but I wretched out my neck by stretching back to pick up Gavin's star wars guy he dropped on the seat. Nice, no headache for once, but now a pain in the neck~!!!!
I'm only 34.5 how will I feel at 50??
Enjoy your day!


Tanya said...

It never ends does it? I think we just all go down hill from here! (Aren't I an encouragement!)

I'm glad that you don't have a headache today. It sucks to be in pain and to have to deal with life as it is everyday whether you feel up to it or not.

Hope your neck feels better soon too!

jon said...

my sister gets migraines from the sweetner in any diet pop. don't know if this helps, but it sounds like it mught coorelate...good luck
cynthia, jon's wife

A Girl Running said...

Well that has certainly given me just cause to give up my pepsi max addiction

my problem is always what I replace it with...normally not water!

Chunks said...

I stay away from Aspartame! Pop is killer, I drink it very rarely. I hope your headache stays away...the pop is likely the culprit, but who knows. Keep monitoring it.

Jenny said...

My headache has been free and clear for today. We are going to a pop and aspartame free household. That stuff is scary!!!

Pen said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better and yeah, aspartame is horrible stuff.

Take care,

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