Thursday, February 09, 2006

Time for a Change

I got tired of the old template and changed it today. I thought it looked vaguely familiar and lo and behold I have taken Chunks template style. Oh well...I guess great minds think alike!
Anyhow nothing else new to report!


Chunks said...

Hey cool! I feel at home! (Not that I didn't before!)

Your little guy on the can is adorable! I remember those days...patience grasshopper, patience!

Tanya said...

Oooh! Like the new look. Maybe you changed it to match the new you thats evolving, hey?

Gavin, Gavin, Gavin!! What can I say, he's too cute to be mad at for too long. Speaking of long, when the haircut scheduled for? I have time this weekend.

Thanks so much for all your thought, prayers and support over the last couple of days. I've greatly appreciated it. I still can't believe it all. Crazy!!

Take care!

Janelle said...

i'm sorry - i laughed when i saw that the horse lost his head...sorry.

Tanya said...

I never noticed until now that you changed the name of your blog. Mamalicious indeed! Ha! Ha!

Tanya said...

Happy Valentine's Day Jenny....Oh alright, Scott too and the boys as well!!

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