Monday, February 13, 2006

Still Going Strong...

"'d you pick Daddy?" Josey asked.
I still remember the time I first laid eyes on my husband. It was October of 1990 and I was living in Whistler British Columbia. I had moved to Whistler at the age of 18 with a good friend. Our plan was to work for a bit and have fun. What better place to have fun than in a resort ski town!! And fun we had...
Oh right...back to eyeing up my husband. I was on a lunch break from work. I was working as a server in a five star restaurant (The Wildflower Cafe). I still look back in amazement that I actually had a job in a hotel of this calibre. Anyways, I was eating my lunch in the cafeteria. I looked over and saw that there were a few newbies in the hotel. I looked around the table and remember seeing Scott....he was wearing a black turtleneck and a pair of jeans and he was eating a sandwich and chips. I clearly remember he was eating a sandwich, because I loved how he chewed his food!!!! As strange as that may sound, some people turn me off by the way they chew their food. After he chewed and swallowed I saw the most gorgeous smile I had ever laid eyes on and voila...I was hooked!
We flirted around quite a bit. My good friend worked in Room Service and was working along side Scott. It wasn't long before him and I had hooked up. On my 19th birthday we were dating each other. On Valentines Day 1991 things had gotten a little more heated up (need I say more!) By the summer of 1991 we were bored of Whistler and decided to move elsewhere. We didn't put a lot of thought into where we were going but we had a brief (few week) stay in Calgary. Close family of Scott's took us in for the time we were there. (Something which we have always been thankful for!!) After Calgary we ended up in the East Kootenays in Scott's home town of Jaffray.
During this time Scott and I decided to break up for awhile. It was a rough 8 months, but I am glad that we did our own thing at the time. On Boxing Day 1991 I flew in to Cranbrook to test the waters with Scott. The waters tested good and we both knew that we wanted to get back together again. We met again in Whistler for New Years Eve and then again in Victoria in February 1992. (During this time we were star gazing on a bench outside of the Empress Hotel and noticed lots of police and activity around us. We ended up going back into the hotel and it turned out there were 2 cougars right next to us in the tree...unbeknownst to us!! We read about it in the newspaper!)
In May of 1992 I got a job in Waterton and our relationship was back to being "exclusive". Life was very good to us during those years. We moved back to Whistler, I went to school in Victoria and Cranbrook. I worked another summer in Waterton and Scott went travelling overseas on two seperate occasions. I still have all of the love letters that we have written to each other and all of the phone bills (yikes!!!). In February of 1996 I met Scott and his brother in Amsterdam. They had been travelling for 4 months in India. We then travelled all throughout Europe and ended our stay in London. (I got to see the Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables in London!)
I knew instantly there was something. Well, he was (and still is) damn hot, but we just connected. It has always been very comfortable with each other. We still have major chemistry and I still cry when I reread the cheesy poetry he has written to me. I have never doubted our love for each other and I am still in awe that our love keeps on growing stronger. He is my best friend, my Luvah, and my soulmate.
So on this Valentines Day I want to shout out to everyone: I LOVE MY HUSBAND!!!!
So everybody, how'd you meet?


Tanya said...

Have you let Scott read this? I'm sure he knows how you met him, Ha Ha! But maybe you should just let him read it so he can see how you want the whole world to know how you felt and still feel about him.

Have a great day!!

Debbi said...

Wow! What a great post idea! How I met my husband. I'm gonna tell our story on my blog. I loved yours, and I agree with tanya - make sure you let your hunny see it. :)

Chunks said...

Awesome post!! I can't believe how similar our stories are!

(I got to see Phantom in Edmonton, not nearly as glamourous as LONDON!) I am listening to it right now...the Phantom is timeless.

Camille said...

my story is coming fact the title is "story for jenny"!! hope you like ..

just gotta get my control freak hubby to proof it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha

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