Saturday, February 25, 2006

OH NO...Not Friday!!

I drove into a lamp post at Safeway yesterday. I was parked in front of the post and when I looked forward and into the mirrors it looked like I was free to go....WRONG! I hit the side of the post and scraped the van!! AAAAH! It is only a 8 inch long scrape, but it still means taking the van to the body shop to get fixed. It's only 2 years old so I wasn't too impressed with myself. Scott was a little mad at me. Then I reminded him of his little "accidents" that have cost us money. Then he simmered down. His last words to me "at least $500". Thanks you darling of a man!!
I did get a chance to meet my neighbour. What a nice man!! He's a mechanic and I thought that I had damaged the gas tank??? Well, after I scraped the pole I had to get gas and there was some dripping coming out of the bottom of the van. It turns out I just shook the exhaust and it was the condensation leaking out!! PHEW!! Anyhow my neighbour told me him and his wife were meaning to come over to invite us over. I am becoming friends with their good friends, so I am happy with finally meeting them.
Seamus had a sleepover yesterday and I spent a long time visiting with his friend's mom. She is super cool. I also visited with another of Josey's friends mom at hockey yesterday and she invited us over for cards one night. It is really strange, because when you least expect it, your doors begin to open with new faces and offerings of friendships. It turned out to be a good day yesterday.
We went to our friends' house for a friendly game of Texas Hold'Em last night. I was the first one out. Scott followed. It was fun. There were 8 of us and we left right near the end of the game. Gavin was getting tired. I ate the biggest piece of chocolate cake and was so good!! Every ounce worth the million calories!!
Anyhow that was my Friday! A day in the life of Jenny!! We were going to go fishing but it is so cold and windy out. Josey has a friend coming over this afternoon, and I need to go pick up Shay so he can go to hockey.
Have a great day!


Chunks said...

I know the feeling! My hubby was complaining about the vet bill the other day and I reminded him that he spent way over that amount on HOCKEY TICKETS, which promptly ended the discussion.

Fishing? Where do you live? You must be talking about ice fishing, right?

Jenny said...

I live in Terrace. Actually we were going to go fishing but it's so cold here. We have trout all year round and there is a steelhead run going on right now.

ShariJoy said...

Glad you met us at pizza hut... we need to hook up more!!! see you friday?? you are coming right? oh yeah not sure but if you want Sat theres an old timers hockey dance we are going to.. think you and scott can make it?? xo

Crystal said...

Hey Jenny
I know how that husband constantly rubs it in that I hit the ditch a month ago....then I have to remind him of all his little accidents......MEN! LOL Oh well its just a van and no one likes to damage their vehicle but at least it's replaceable...
I hope your day is going better today!

Jenny said...

Hey Joyfullness, forgot about Friday. We'll be in Rupert this weekend for a hockey tourney. I don't know think we're there until Sat. So if there's no game I'll come for sure! It works out good cause the kids festival is there that day!!!

jon said...

I can't say much. I've wrecked more cars than most people have owned.

Charlene said...

If I was thinking, I could have come and read this post instead of being ignorant of your scraping the van comment. Hmm... there is a learning experience haha. I felt a little dumb, but I hadn't looked here is a few days. Oh well. Adam went fishing on Sunday and froze! I am so glad that I didn't atampt to take the kids!

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