Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Well I thought that yesterday's appendicitis (not) attack was bad. I woke up feeling yesterday's workout out!(ouch!!!) I keep telling myself that "pain is good (right?!)
On a more serious note, I hope that everyone can say a prayer for the miners' family and loved ones and for the one surviving miner. I felt so sad watching them last night.
My thoughts and prayers are with them right now!


Tanya said...

Its so sad, my prayers are with all the families who've lost loved ones.

One another note, you've been tagged, check out my latest post.

Tanya said...

I left a comment on your blog, but its not showing up until I try to post another comment, strange.

Crystal said...

I am so sad about the mining prayers are with the famlies who have lost loved ones

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