Tuesday, August 30, 2005

In the Bad Books

We were moving my mom and dad yesterday. The drive to and from Kitimat is too much for my dad (and his eyes) so they have decided to return to Kitimat for the next 2 years. We left Gavin alone in and around the van as we packed some boxes to and from my parent's house. I thought he was harmless...I thought wrong!!!
I was upstairs in the spare bedroom when I heard Scott freaking out!!
"Bloody great, this is bloody unbelievable!!" he yelled.
"I can't believe this...'he's harmless out here' harmless my Ass!!" he shouted.
My dad stomped in as I was coming down the stairs.
"Serious stuff...I've never seen Scott this mad Jen!" he said in shock.
"Harmless...hmph, I can't bloody believe this!" he yelled.
"What is going on?" I shrieked.
Gavin was sitting on his car seat (not buckled in) and his eyes told it all. He was in trouble.
"What's going on?" I repeated.
"Gav in trouble!" Gavin answered looking down.
"Your son (okay now he's mine) decided to put all the change from the change holder into the CD player!" Scott shouted.
"Oh boy!" I answered. (The coffee money?)
"Gav in trouble!" replied Gavin.
"You're right Gavin, I can't even look at you right now. I am livid!" Scott lectured. At which point I buckled Gavin into his car seat and whispered, "this will keep you out of trouble."
I went into the house and grabbed a thin tweezer looking contraption. Maybe this would work I thought.
"How much did he put in?" I asked.
"Well he was kind enough to leave 3 pennies, but it was filled up. 'A good' 6 bucks worth of change I figure!" fumed Scott.
I went to work. There was alot of change in the player. Jonas came up and distracted me and I lost the TWEEZER in the CD player!!
I delicately tried to tell my husband who was not 'atall' impressed. "Great, how the hell do we explain the tweezer?!" he asked.
We left immediately for Kitimat listening to the local radio station.
"Well Radio isn't that bad?" I said trying to sound uplifting.
Silence...pure silence.
We drove for 10 minutes in silence. I broke the silence by saying, "We can bring the van into the dealership and say 'this CD player just doesn't seem to be working'! Will warranty cover that?" to which Scott replied, "fine until they take it out and empty it!! How would we explain that to Chrysler?" Then we looked at each other and laughed...nothing else to do.
When Gavin saw his Gramma Donna he said, "mamma, Gav in trouble...BIG!!"

Enjoy your day!
Say a prayer to our southern neighbours!! The wrath of Katrina has taken its toll!


Qivan said...

If you grew up in Kitamat, I think you may know a friend of mine, she'd be about your age......I can't give you her name, but I'll give you a hint, her mother is asian and her father white.

Janelle said...

Hi Jenny! i just want to say how much i enjoy your blog! it's hilarious & oh-so-true to life!! i hope it's ok that i added you to my favorites list on my blog - hopefully others will get the lift they need like i do! Blessings!

Hick said...

I hate to say it, but I laughed. My apologies to your hubbie. Make sure you keep this for the baby book. Your kids will love it when they get older.

scribble said...

oh man I loved this entry !
I am still laughing.
it feels good !

thanks for visiting...
off to read more of yours.

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