Thursday, August 04, 2005

The Bottle

My fear was confirmed. The FedEx delivery man rang my doorbell this morning.
"Quite a light package you have!"he smiled.
"Yeah, light but expensive!" I answered back.
I opened the package with apprehsion. Sure enough there was one lone water bottle. Scott quickly came downstairs to inspect the box himself.
"Is the date even on there?" he asked as he inspected the expensive water bottle.
"Somewhere, it should be for that price!" I responded.
Scott brought the water bottle upstairs and put it in "his closet". (I will have to post about his closet someday. Full of Star Wars toys, LOTR treasures, National Geographic Magazines. A geek's treasure trove!")
Seamus came downstairs a few moments later and said, "daddy says "The Bottle" isn't even the nice kind of plastic!"
I just shook my head! For $70 dollars you'd think that you'd pretend the water bottle had the "nice" kind of plastic. (What is "nice" kind of plastic anyways? Shay said that the bottle wasn't as hard as the other water bottles? My family is nutty!!)
Have a great day!


LEA said...
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LEA said...

well lady, sounds like somethin I would do. I always pay to much for stuff. I just never get it in the mail. I'm to lazy, usually if I can't find it in the store I don't buy it. Only cause I'm to lazy to look elsewhere.

lightfeather said...

I've been catching up tonight. Oh, I once bought something from an ad and was suckered right in like you. I think we all have it happen. At least once. Maybe twice. OK, I have had it happen a few times :-)
Great bottles though!

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