Friday, July 22, 2005

Summertime and the living is easy
Fish ain't jumping and the house ain't clean,
Your daddy ain't rich and momma's not good lookin'...
It's been awhile since I have last posted. Our family had a successful holiday;nevertheless, it is nice to be back home. Summers are always lazy for this family. Beautiful, blissful and warm: Nonchalant and stress free days. It is nice to sleep in and not have anything on the agenda. The only thing we have scheduled for the week is soccer, and I almost always forget.
Scott has been on night shift the last tour. He finished his last night shift on Wednesday morning and him and his buddy rode from Kitimat home: on their bikes! Talk about motivated and energetic. I had driven to Kitimat and back on Tuesday and the trip exhausted me! (over 60 km one way for those unfamiliar with this area) The sick part of this is that Scott came home from working the 12 hour shift and riding home on his bike with the biggest smile on his face and hardly any sweat! Oh,how we are opposites!!
Gavin has been saying many words these days. He phoned his Auntie Amy the other night. He brought the phone to me and said, "Mamy hi!". He phoned his Mamy and got her voice mail. This was the message he left,"Mamy hi, howre you? I goo(d)! Bye Mamy!" So now he does this every night at 8 pm. His bedtime ritual!
Seamus and Jonas have been enjoying the summer. When we arrived back home we were devastated to find 3 of our fish dead! Including beloved Whitefish who had been reborn a couple of months back! We had arrived home at 10:45 pm (after driving for 19 hours!!) and our fish tank was in a state of despair! The filter had shut down and the fish tank was a muddy brown! Immediately we had to get into action to save the rest of our fish.(You wouldn't have wanted to be a fly on our wall!) So we tried,( and 2.5 hours later our tank was clean) but we still lost another in the morning. Needless to say, even though our fish tank is back to its proper state, we know not to leave Gramma in charge of the fish!!
A side note: Our fish tank was in such a bad condition that our sucker fish that was 1 inches long had ballooned out to the size of a fat flounder!! No word of a lie, I will try and get a picture to prove how fat he got. Scott said he was just in heaven feasting on all the algae!!
The boys have gone fishing with their dad and we have done a lot of nothing! We are thinking about going camping next weekend. I want to go to the campground that has showers and is heavily populated, my husband, on the other hand, would like to go in the middle of nowhere, where there is nobody around. We'll probably go for a picnic.
Like I mentioned Scott has been fishing but he hasn't been lucky. Today he did come home with 5 Sockeye and a spring salmon, but they were given to him (ahem, cough, purchased for 5 bucks a pop!). So we do now have a freezer full of fish. We'll just pretend we caught them. I should have got a picture with Scott holding one of the fish, although rigor mortis would probably have set in!
I have been on a low carb, high protein diet. All in all it, has been going good;however, today I splurged. My problem is I went shopping with my mother and I was trying on clothes. The sizes I normally would wear were too big, so I had to get smaller sizes! Right on! Ego boost!! So I bought a couple of shirts and went home and celebrated for the rest of the afternoon. "I deserve a chocolate bar, "I reasoned to myself, and "Umm, garlic bread, today I will allow myself garlic bread!" I guess I rewarded myself for my good behaviour, but I am suffering from guilt and more importantly, indigestion. A lesson well learned!
We are enjoying our summer holidays. Our family had a wonderful vacation. I was crowned "Karaoke Momma" and am proud of this achievement (although my Uber-Hubby still cringes at the thought of me singing!). I am trying to convince him to buy a karoke machine for the boys. Yeah right! I thought I'd serenade him with this diddy:
"Well I loved him, but he had to fish
Spent all days at the lake and hell was all I'd get,
and Today I met him at the door and said he would have to choose
If he hit that fishing hole today I'd be packing all my things and he'd
surely lose me
and he said
I'm gonna miss her when I get home..." (thanks of course to Brad Paisley)
Anyhow I'll leave you with a thought for today:
"Our Summer made her light escape into the Beautiful."-Emily Dickinson
Enjoy your summer day!

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