Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Buzzing Booger

As per a "stranger friend" I have been trying to throw different words out there for Gavin to hear when I am frustrated. For instance, I dropped the van keys while I was trying to open it (with Gavin in my arms) and I said, "Oh buzz!" He smiled. Repeated what I said, "oh buzz" and smiled again. Today when I stubbed my toe (for the millionth time!) I shouted, "oh booger!" He looked up at me perplexed. Scott promises to try and throw in different words that we'll use around the house that will be our own cuss words. He wants to use "booger" as one of those words. My question is: will these words now be associated as "bad words"? If Jonas will hear a bee "buzzing" around will he be offended and think that "buzzing" is something bad? The same with booger? We'll see how this will work!
I took Seamus, Jonas and 3 friends to dinner at "Boston Pizza" for supper tonight. All I can say is "what an experience!" The boys and one girl, giggled, joked and talked incessantly. At one point they were auctioning off each other's sundaes to the highest bidder. I did get a few stares and "poor you" looks, but it was done all in fun. I laughed when at dinner the 5 of them discussed whether or not they should have a "starter". What was even more funny was when one mentioned "you must save room for dessert and popcorn!" Priceless! After dinner I rushed home and quickly swapped driver's seats with Scott who took the eager and energetic crew to see Madagascar. Two of the boys who went with Shay were kindergarten classmates. It is a little sad to see how fast these children are growing up: right under our noses.
Today we purchased a family present for our upcoming vacation. We bought a portable DVD player for the minivan. I said to Scott "oh how times have changed". We piled into the van for a few minutes to watch the beginning of a movie. Can anyone guess what movie was put in for the christening? Of course a Star Wars movie. I left after a couple of moments, but my hubby and the 2 boys sat in the van watching the rest of the movie. After wasting a bunch of gas (of course they had to have the A/C blaring) they left the portable movie theater with big smiles on their faces. Long gone are the days of boxes of toys! I told the boys (including Scott) that although there will be movies to watch on our vacation, we are not in any way shape or form, forgoing the sing alongs. That's the real joy in travelling (as well as identifying the different license plates). I get to pretend I am a diva in the making, eventhough my vocal chords sing otherwise!
All in all, it was a hectic day today. 4 more sleeps until holidays! Getting ready and excited to see family, friends and familiar places.
I leave you with a thought for the day:
"You know children are growing up when they start asking questions that have answers."-John J Plomp.
Enjoy your evening!

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lightfeather said...

Buzzing Boogers! I'll be a son of a monkey! I'll bet you guys will come out of this vocabulary thing with lots of new stuff!

Your family makes me laugh! And that's a good thing.

Live long and laugh often.

Love to you,

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