Sunday, May 15, 2005

A Turn of Events

I still felt pretty upset over losing all of our precious memories, but I woke up Friday morning with no feeling of guilt and a sense of calm. The phone rang and it was the police station. I wasn't expecting this statement, "we've recovered your camcorder!" So the statement hit me like a ton of bricks. I quickly went to the police station and there was my camera, (without a battery pack?). I went to the local electronic store and purchased a new battery pack and looked for the priceless tape of memories. It was unscathed. Unbelievable!
What is most unbelievable is that my camcorder was found at a "home" by a local business owner. There was a string of B & E's this past week. One of the pawn shops was hit and their surveillance cameras recorded who stole the items. When my camcorder was stolen, the police issued a description to the local businesses (mainly pawn shops) in hopes that someone would try and get rid of the item. One of the homes that the "crew" from the pawn shop had "checked out" had a few hot items, some stolen from the pawn shop and my camera. I am uncertain how my camera ended up where it did, but it was probably traded for something. Absolutely unbelievable! I went to the pawn shop that afternoon to thank the owner for recovering my camera, and to try and see if they found a battery pack (really pushing my luck). When I was there I asked the owner how she knew that it was my item. She said that her and her "crew of boys" (probably with baseball bats) went to one of the local drug dealer's homes and asked for the return of the stolen items and they handed everything over even my camcorder! She handed everything that wasn't hers over to the police station. Talk about honesty!! I thanked her profusely and went home with my camcorder in one hand and faith in the other.
When I got home my husband and I decided to look over the tape. Everything was there. There was a second tape in the camcorder pocket and we placed it in the camera in hopes of finding some lost memory. Instead we found our criminals recording themselves with "their new camera!" Unbelievable! It could have been a clip from "Dumb and Dumber". Not only did the thieves videotape themselves, they videotaped all sorts of family members. I brought the tape down to the police station where me and the receptionist shared a chuckle over the cleverness of today's thieves!
All in all, it has been an eventful couple of days. I have restored faith in people, after having had lost much of it. I have driven past this pawn shop before and I have heard stories of how some are operated. I know now not to judge. This business owner was honest. My eyes were opened this past couple of days to the good in people and the bad! I still find it strange that my little camcorder got involved in all of this!
Enjoy your day!


lightfeather said...

Wow! I was so ready to tell you I felt badly that you lost your comcorder to a thief. And then viola! It comes home! And with evidence too! How funny! Someone broke into our house when my kiddo was just a toddler..took it, ran, broke the camera. You know what? I still remember everything on there as if it were yesterday :-)

Glad you got it back!

Cindy said...

What a wonderful turn of events. I'm so glad you got it back!

Kim said...

That's great news! I thought about you over the weekend when I had parked in the parking lot and DID lock my doors! I don't have anything worth stealing inside but thanks to you I am going to try making an effort to lock them to be on the safe side.

I am just glad you were able to get it back!

Heidi said...

What a story! I'm glad everything turned out ok in the end.

JessieTYCG said...

Always enjoy a "stupid criminal of the day" story! Thanks for sharing your good news with us.

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