Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Ain't No Babe Ruth

We had a minor emergency yesterday afternoon. Our beloved Mozart got stuck up a tree in our backyard. Serious stuff for this family. The kitten was way up the tree. How far? I have no idea in meters or yards. All I know is I got a really sore neck when I was trying to call him down. Scott figured we were all too much in a panic. He assured me the kitty would come down.
"My cat was up a pole for 5 days" he said trying to be reassuring.
He certainly didn't reassure me. I tried to take my mind off of Mozart being stuck up the tree when 2 crows began circling and diving towards our beloved kitten. I was angry. Recovering from strep throat my vocal chords weren't able to offer a suffice screech. That's when I got the brainy idea of arming myself with weapons aka rocks. I grabbed one rock and took aim at the dangerous crow. I threw the rock, but instead of going forward and up above to the tree branch, the rock propelled backwards and flew and slammed into my two storey bedroom window.
Yikes! The window didn't break, but my husband came storming out from the upstairs (where he was putting away the laundry) and stomped outside.
"What the heck (delicately put) was that?" he questionned.
"Should I lie," I thought to myself. Gotta be honest as much as I didn't want to.
"I threw a rock at the crows over there, " I pointed, "but somehow it landed way back up there." "Well, you ain't no Babe Ruth that's for sure!" he smiled.
And we laughed for "a good" ten minutes while poor Mozart orchestrated an escape plan.
Gramma and Grampa arrived an hour later with a sure fire scheme to rescue their beloved Grandcat. Gramma had a long piece of string and on the end of the string she had attached a piece of a tuna sandwich. Not any ordinary tuna sandwich left over from the refrigerator. A freshly made tuna sandwich that even had green onions and pickles delicately placed in it. She began to toss the string up in the air when our beloved pooch decided to have the sandwich for himself. That contraption was put aside, sort of speak. (I can't quite understand what exactly they were going for?)
Four hours later Mozart decided to explore the surrounding tree branches. One of the branches broke and our poor kitten plumeted to the ground. I quickly ran towards my kitten and there he stood petrified in a "hiss stance" (those of you who own cats will understand this pose). He appeared frozen and all the hair on his backside was standing straight up. I quickly scooped him up and ran inside where I discovered he was safe and sound. Immediately I brought him to my husband and my hubby stated, "told you yahoos he'd be safe and sound!" (Isn't he sweet and kind?)
That has been about it for my excitement. The weather has been so-so these days: sometimes so very nice and others so very wet! Typical North Coast weather.
The boys have been busy with school. Seamus came home from school today and was enthusiastic to tell me he ran 10 laps during his recesses. I tried to tell him that he didn't have to run all the time and he could have fun with his friends instead.
"But Mommy think of how fun it'll be to get another ribbon!" he smiled. Can't say I didn't try. Like father, like son...
We are heading on a day trip to see the new Star Wars movie. Apparently our hometown movie theater isn't "Star Wars" worthy because of poor acoustic system. So we have to drive 1.5 hours (each way) to watch the new movie. Oh well, I'll get a seafood dinner out of the whole experience. All thanks to my fanatic husband (ahem, geek)...he's so damn cute though.
Besides the cat up the tree incident, nothing else is new or exciting. I had written a better blog, but it disappeared! Too tired to try and think about what exactly I wrote.
That's it folks...
Enjoy your evening!


Hick said...

I'm thinkin' Seamus would make a great exercise coach.

lightfeather said...

Gotta love grandma and grandpa! Even at my age, I know my mom will always have in her purse exactly what I need when I need it. Moms are just that way! Of course, my poor kiddo says, "grandmas are just that way." Maybe there's still hope for me yet..

meelo said...

sounds like an exciting evening to me! i grinned the whole way through your post (except, of course, when i read that the crows were swooping down at mozart). great blog! nice to meet you.

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