Saturday, April 02, 2005

8, going on 35

Three days and there hasn't been any mouse sightings. What a relief! I feel back to my ol' self...
Seamus will be turning 8 tomorrow. I swear he is 8, going on 35! We were discussing his party plans. Every year we decide what he wants to do for a party and the planning begins. I am a little behind this year. I am only starting the planning and his birthday is tomorrow! Am I an awful mother? Actually, Scott isn't off until next weekend so we have postponed the "partay" until next weekend. Seamus thinks he wants a "cosmic bowling" party. He has been to a couple of different parties at the bowling alley. They look cool. Actually they look fun. The disco music plays loud in the background, while the strobe lights are on full force. All the while, a game of bowling is played. Sort of like being in a nightclub...oh how those days have gone!
As I was saying Seamus is growing up. We were discussing who the 10 kids were going to be that we were inviting. Of course Sydney(from Saskatoon) was mentioned immediately. He named a couple of his friends when he mentioned that Sydney had gone to a cosmic bowling party that Hailee had.
"And Hailee hadn't invited you?" I questioned.
"Nah" Shay responded.
" don't have to worry about inviting her than!" I added.
"Oh mom, grow up! Of course I am inviting Hailee!" he answered.
Okay think fast..."Absolutely Seamus. That was just a test. Mommy wanted to see how you would react with me saying that. And by the way you answered it correctly!"
"Sure it was!"he smirked.
Now who is the grown up here? I don't know where he gets his level headedness and pure of heart qualities. I would love to think it was from me, but I really would be fooling myself!
It snowed yesterday. I swear Mother Nature has it in for me. We took our studded tires off and had the all seasons replaced two days ago. The snow has been minimal (except for the one major snow storm) and now that it is April it is winter weather. I bet it was mother nature's April Fool's Joke.
Nothing is out of the ordinary for us these days. Gavin has been waking up at 5 am every morning. Wide awake and bushy tailed! Aren't I lucky? I am going to try and keep up him until 11 pm tonight. Maybe he'll sleep in to a decent hour. This plan may really backfire,but I have to try!
Gramma is having us for Seamus' birthday supper. She is making her famous spaghetti. Seamus told Gramma that "they never get to eat spaghetti anymore, cause mom's on her program!" For the record, I do make the boys spaghetti, but I haven't the last week or so. Obviously they miss it! Needless to say, Gramma is making sure Seamus gets his pasta.
Last week when we were having dinner the topic of liver and onions came up. I proceeded to tell the boys that when I was little, twice a month I would have to have liver and onions. Jonas replied,"well, that makes perfect sense to me!"
"Why does it Jose?" I questionned.
"I don't know it just does!" he answered. Sometimes I think he likes to throw out his one liners!
We bought two new fish and an african frog for our fish tank. I am sad to report that the frog has passed on. I will buy a replacement this afternoon. Seamus was upset, Jonas was intrigued and Gavin was puzzled as I flushed the frog down the toilet.
"Rest in peace Froggie" I said as I flushed it down the toilet.
"Rog...rog, mommy!" Gavin cried wondering where it was going.
I have a feeling that Froggie died because of the pollutants that were added to the tank. Gavin decided to add 5 dirty cars and half a container of legos to the fish tank. A few hours later Froggie was belly up. The boys room is now off limits to Gavin.(We'll try at least...he knows how to open doors!)
All in all it was another busy, but uneventful week. We are getting used to Mozart. Gypsy is still scared of the tiny fur ball. Mozart has become the king of our castle. The other night he was laying on Scott's side of the couch (we are creatures of habit) and Scott wanted to boot me out of my spot. He didn't want to "disturb" the kitty. What about the wife? Furthermore, when I went to bed that night, Scott was sleeping on his tummy and Mozart was snoozing on his butt. (not naked butt, I might add) I crawled into bed and a couple of moments passed when Scott moaned, "Jen, I am not "atall" (likes to say this word as one:family trait) comfortable with this cat on my ass!"
"Well move him then" I shrugged.
"I don't want to disturb him...I'll be okay!" he added. It made me think of the times in the middle of the night when I would awake to a kick or a couple of jabs. Those times my snoring had interrrupted my husband, but he didn't mind disturbing his wife. Men...or rather Scott!
That about concludes the events from the last couple of days. Proud to say no mouse sightings! I have lost 14 pounds so is good!
I leave you with this thought for the day:
"The cat who frightens the mice away is as good as the cat who eats them."-German Proverb
As noted above no mouse sightings!
Have a great day!

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