Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Hangover

We were at my mom and dad's house last night watching "Survivor" when Gavin entered the room.
"Mmm, numma-numma!" he proclaimed.
Not paying any attention I replied, "Oh yeah sweetie!"
"Mmm, mmm, num-nums!" he added.
"Yes that's very good," I started to say before realizing that he was chewing on a doggie biscuit!"Oh Gavin, gross, yuckky yuckky!"
"Ahh, Gro!" he added and began to spit out the dog biscuit. I guess it tasted good before he was told that it shouldn't taste too good! At least it was a fresh biscuit (and not that kind of biscuit!).
The weather has been beautiful! Spring has arrived in full force! Scott is off this weekend, which will be nice. We are going to have a scavenger hunt in the backyard. Speaking of which...
Last night I was stuffing the plastic easter eggs with the goodies that I had (or rather, the Easter bunny) had bought. I have a serious weakness to chocolate! I love chocolate! The chocolate was tempting me, but I was a strong woman, it wasn't my free day, I had eaten good all day and had exercised as hard as I could. I would not give in to temptation, or would I.
"Just one bite!" I thought to myself as I carefully unwrapped the Hershey kiss (my favourite).
After finishing the one chocolate I rationalized that 2 more certainly wouldn't kill me. Two more wouldn't have killed me, but a half bag later I realized I binged too far. I went to bed with a sugar high, a headache, and a stomach so full of chocolate that I felt sick! When I woke up in the morning I smelled chocolate everywhere. The chocolate was coming out of my pores! I tried to get sympathy from my husband,but the only response I got from Scott was, "Tsk, won't get anywhere good if you keep doing that!" (No shit Sherlock!) Needless to say, I am staying away from chocolate for awhile! My cravings have been more that satisfied!
Nothing out of the ordinary has happened the last few days. We have been busy with the boys. The boys have been spending the afternoons outside in the backyard. It gives me a bit of a break. Seamus is a great help with Gavin when they are outside. Jonas doesn't really bother too much with his younger brother! We are trying to curb Gavin off the habit of spitting! Still! I told my mom that I was going to buy a spray bottle and start spraying him whenever he started to spit! I am out of options!
It is Gavin's birthday on Monday and he will be 2! I can't believe it! I said to Scott the other day, "I cannot believe that Gavin is going to be 2! Next thing you know he'll be coming home and telling us he's getting married"
"They're getting married awfully young these days!" was my husband's reply.
We need to figure out what to get him for his birthday. It's getting harder to buy for the boys. They have almost every toy in their playroom. If worse comes to worse (another strange saying) I'll get him a new ball! He'll be overjoyed! Hopefully I can figure something out for him.
Anyhow I must leave now. I still feel sick and my stomach is reeling. The chocolate splurge has left me feeling hungover. I need to have a catnap...
Here is a quote for the day:
"What you see before you, my friend, is the result of a lifetime of chocolate."-Katherine Hepburn.
Keep the comments to yourself...
Have a great day!

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Hick said...

Cute, cute kids! Cherish these days...and the chocolate! My weakness is dark chocolate.

Thanks for dropping by my blog...I will enjoy adding you to my favorites!

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