Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Another World

Josey greeted me after school with the biggest grin and "Josey Smile". Usually when I am given "the look" by certain family members I know what to expect. Every person has their own "look", just like everyone has a unique fingerprint. For example, I know when Scott gives me the "Scott" look I must immediately switch the current topic, because I have probably opened my big mouth and said something I shouldn't have said. Usually the "Scott" look is accompanied by a gesture of the hand and or an inconspicuous kick. Back to the matter at hand. I figured out that Jonas had probably been up to no good, or had said something that he probably shouldn't have said. (As long as he didn't tell Mrs. Vidal about the mice!)
"Mommy, I told Mrs. Vidal and the whole class that when I was 3 I lived in a different world!"he enthusiastically explained.
"A different world..?" I questionned.
"Yep...I told them that I used to live in a junk house when I was 3 and that my gramma lived in an Ant house!" he replied.
"Oh Jose.." I smiled. Of course Jonas was referring to our former dilapidated home. We referred to it as the "Junk House" because it was really run down. I must offer an explanation as to Gramma's Ant house. When Jonas was little Gramma Donna was bathing him and Seamus. Seamus poked a spot in the bath tub surround and a swarm of ants began to escape into the bathroom. Gramma panicked and scooped the boys out of harms way. Obviously it is a memory that has lived on in my middle son's mind. I bet Mrs. Vidal commented to herself, "a different world all right!"
I introduced Gypsy to Mozart last night. I was fearful that there would be bullying and my precious pet would be scared, perhaps timid. My fears were answered;however, it was Gypsy who cowered in the corner. At one point she was shaking so bad I thought she was going into convulsions. Mozart held his own. He hissed and swatted never showing an ounce of fear! Poor Gypsy was the one who needed to be consoled. Today she went to sniff Mozart and the bully swatted her in the face (ouch)! We were convinced that Gypsy would have eaten Mozart, but the scrawn of a kitten can hold his own! Hopefully they will settle their differences!
Gavin went for a "trike ride" yesterday: or rather a trike push. He doesn't quite understand the notion of placing his feet on the pedals to make the bike go. Another concept he couldn't quite get was steering the bike with the handlebars. So, basically, I pushed him around the block! Thank goodness for the push bar! When we would get to a hill, he would put both his hands over his head and yell "Yay!" Probably is a good thing that we have a push bar for the trike. Things could get a little out of hand.
Today's weather was damp, with a few showers. Yesterday on the other side of Terrace, 3 houses experienced a "mini-twister". According to our local newspaper the "mini-twister" lifted a trampoline out of the one neighbour's yard and carried it into the next door neigbour's yard. A local was quoted as saying "the twister even blew off my baseball cap!" Well, if the wind can pick up a trampoline, I don't doubt that it will blow off a baseball cap!
Well, that was our day in a nutshell. We caught a total of 6 mice in the traplines and I am happy to report not a single one was trapped today! This could mean one of 2 things. 1) The mice are deciding not to come into our house. 2) The mice have outwitted, and outplayed us at our own game. I like to think of option 1 as being the right answer.
Yesterday our DVD player was on the brink. I told Scott that I would go downtown and purchase a replacement. He didn't quite think that it was "necessary" and that we "could make do" without one for the time being. Hmm...isn't he thrifty when "HE WANTS". I certainly wish his thriftiness would come into play when it came to his expensive hobbies!
Scott just informed me that he fixed the DVD player. (wouldn't want to buy another I see!) We are going to watch "Grumpier Old Men" again. I still think my mom and dad would be great characters for a movie: "Grumpy-kinda-Old Married Couple". Scott went over to their house the other day unexpected. After knocking on the door (they can't hear anyone knocking) he let himself in. A sign my dad was home, because when my mom is home alone it is Fort Knox overthere. I can't drop by unannounced, so I have to phone to tell her I am coming over. To make matters worse, half the time they can't find or hear the phone!! Back to the story...Scott lets himself in and calls out to my dad.
"Hey Scott we're up here in the bedroom!" he shouts.
"Uh...okay!"Scott answers.
"No need to worry, nothings happening...gettin' old...lucky if "it" happens once a year!"he adds.
Okay, too much information...
With that note I will leave. Here is a thought for the day:
"The spiritual eyesight improves as the physical eyesight declines"-Plato
Enjoy your evening!

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Your dad made me laugh.

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