Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

The phone hasn't rang from Oprah as of yet. I suppose that I will not get the trip to Hollywood to attend the Oscars. Crappy, man! Oh well, I will do what I have done for the past Academy Awards: get in my jammies, make the popcorn, and sit glued to the Oscars, all in the comfort of my own home.
I have had 2 interesting phone calls these past 2 weeks. The first is an actual dialogue of the phone call as it took place.
(Brrinng, brring{telephone ringing}). "Hey Amy, "I answered knowing from the caller ID that it was my sister, "How's it going?"
"Oh my god, "she replied almost desperately, "Brad and Jen broke up!!"(For those of you who don't follow the lives of celebrities: Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston was the couple that broke up!)
"You've got to be joking, "I answered feverishly, "They seemed so good together!"
"I know they did. It makes me feel awful!"said Amy.
"Awful, I feel downright terrible! That sucks. I bet he was screwin' around on her!" I responded. "He doesn't seem like the type" Amy stated.
This conversation still brings a smile to my face. Why should we care if "Brad and Jen" break up, and furthermore, why does my sister have to phone me from her workplace to inform me of the break up? It's not as if we know these people. I guess we have an image of celebrities. Kind of strange though, our fixation...
A couple of days ago I phoned my dad. "Hey Dad, how's it going?" I said cheerfully.
"Oh hey, how are YOU doing these days?" he answered.
"Pretty good, "(I just saw him 3 hours prior to this conversation) I replied.
"So nothing new with you?" he asked. "Mom says you're moving?!"
"Moving, "I questioned(2 doors down?!) and then it dawned on me, "Dad this is Jenny!"
"Geez, you and your sister sound alike!" he laughed.
Later on that evening I phoned back and got my dad again, "Hi dad it's me Jenny, can I talk to Mom?"
"I know who you are!"he snarled. You could have fooled me...
Besides interesting phone calls nothing else is newsworthy. Our cookbook committee (PAC, raising money for the school) is having an internal fight. The reason: what names to put on the bottom of the submitted recipes. First, the recipes submitted were going to have the names of the parent, then someone suggested the names of the students be submitted instead of the parents. Then a parent complained stating, "I wrote the recipe, not my kid, and I want MY name submitted for the recipe book or I won't purchase any of the books!" Okay, talk about overreacting. We had one PAC member resign and the whole committee is going to "hell in a basket" (exactly what that phrase means I don't know). When I was asked what my opinion was by Kelly (see earlier blog: "S lady") I simply stated, "As long as the recipes are submitted I really don't care whose name is on them". Kelly responded, "Is there anything that bothers you?" In my mind I was saying "Yeah You!", but I calmly answered, "Apparently not!". In what is happening in our world, and our surrounding neighbourhoods, 'don't sweat the small stuff'.
What I am bothered by, unbeknownst to Kelly, is getting older and wrinkles. Scott freaked the crap out of me last night. We were cuddled up in bed watching "The Notebook" (great chick flick!!) and he leaned over and gasped, "Jen is that a (pause) WRINKLE?!"
"A what, NO, Please," but the gods were looking over me; 'it' was only dry skin. Needless to say, I have been moisturizing since 10 pm last night and my skin is looking a little greasy, but alas, not wrinkly.
Gung Hay Fat Choy! Happy Chinese New Years to all. I guess I could use today to actually start my New Years Resolution of losing 60 pounds. (I have lost 5 since January!!) Scott is on the "Oreo Cookie Blizzard" Diet. He has had one the last 3 nights for his dessert. The funny thing is that I dutifully get them for him from DQ every night (applause please!) and the last 2 nights the same cashier has been on duty. I can bet that she is saying to herself, "There's the fat lady in the minivan getting her blizzard!" Isn't it ironic that the blizzard is actually for the skinny husband!
If you say to Gavin, "who does Oma love, "he responds,"momma, dadda and woowoof!". Forget about Shay and Josey, Gypsy takes the priority! We are all doing okay. Scott has the flu and is feeling crappy. Jonas has an awful sore around his mouth that he has had for the last couple of weeks. I am taking him to the doctor tomorrow. I am tired, Gavin has been sleeping like a newborn...I guess I should have said that Seamus is the only one feeling healthy. The ladykiller came home from school yesterday and said, "Tegan kissed me on the cheek, and she said She loves me!". Brad Pitt watch out!!
It snowed last night, but today it is slushy out. We have had the strangest winter this year. I wonder what kind of summer we will have?
Anyways I better go...Scott is huffing around me, doing a quick tidy. Not joyfully, though. The kind of tidy where ,when everything is placed down it is slammed. Which in layman terms means, "Jenny, you better help me clean up!!" (Imagine if we didn't have a clean house, My goodness! What would happen? The Dust Mites might come out and eat us to death!!)
I will leave you with this quote for the day:
"House Cleaning: The entire house should be cleaned and swept before New Year's Day. After New Year's Day floors may be swept...all dirt and rubbish must be taken out the back door."-Chinese traditions
Well I'll be, my husband is Chinese!
Have a great day!

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