Friday, October 19, 2012


I love a good deal. I'm always hunting to save money wherever I can. Yesterday while shopping for my contact lens solution(I am saving up for the eye surgery, not lasix but the new one) I saw an awesome deal for a contact lens solution. I read the box...and it said "clean and disinfect'. I bought the solution "Clear and Clean"(or clean and clear?) and was off. The first sign that this wasn't your run of the mill lens solution was the funky case it came with. I followed the directions and there was a voice in the back of my head that was wondering why you couldn't use a regular contact lens case with it. I reread the directions, and everything seemed kosher. Fast forward to 6 am the following day. I took my right lens out and did what I normally do with my solution, squirted some solution on the lens. I then placed it in my eye and for the love of god, I have never experienced such pain in my life. It felt like my eye was on fire, it was burning. I tried to take my contact lens out but my eye was instictively staying shut.  "Help me!" I yelled in desperation.  No response from my sleeping bear..I mean hubby, in the next room. Somehow I managed to get the lens out and immediately washed my eye in water. I had a few remnants of the "good stuff" left in my old bottle and used that to rinse out my lenses. My eye began to feel a bit better and I looked in the mirror and it was completely reddened.
  In the meantime I went into the bedroom and woke the sleeping bear from hibernation. "I burned my eye!" I stammered. "Huh?" he replied, half comatose. "What's for supper tonight?" he asked. My response to this question was not very ladylike so I won't share it online.
I spent the whole day at work complaining to my lovely coworkers about this eyescapade.By the end of the day my eye feels way better. Lesson learned: don't be a cheapskate on certain items. Spending 50 cents more on an item is worth it sometimes.
Hope everyone is fantabulous,


Gwen said...

Okay, seriously didn't even know there was a difference! It's amazing I haven't done the same! Poor you... that's a crappy way to spend your bday!

heartinhand said...

I put ear drops in my eye once. Worst. Pain. Ever.

Maliha Sazin said...

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