Wednesday, October 17, 2012

41 Reasons to Celebrate....

This is a tad 8 hours and 27 minutes but I am happy to be celebrating my birthday.  Why am I happy?
I'm 41, I've made it through another year without illness for myself, or my family. We have a beautiful home, I have a career I love and amazing friends and family.

F:  F is for family and friends...I'm blessed beyond measure by both. F is also for fun, which I love to have a lot of, and f#$%& a word I happen to say to much of. Please don't judge me, I say it in the most lady like way.

O: O is for I old?? No way jose.  I honestly believe that I am young. I may have had a couple of wrinkles sprout up in the past year and my back may slightly ache (this will hopefully be remedied by a new King sized mattress....helloooo!)but I still feel young at heart. O can also stand for overweight...ughh...grrrr....I'm still working on this. I've been eating clean and doing Spark People...I'm hoping a marathon is in my near future.
U: U is for umbrella. I need to get myself a funky umbrella. I want a polka dotted or skull boned umbrella...the reason for the umbrella? We have been getting a huge amount of rain. I actually don't mind the rain. I find it comforting, in a weird way. We stay indoors, eat warm food and I love the sound of rain.  U is also for unorthodox...I like to think I am this kind of gal. Not your cookie cutter kind of girl....

R:R is for realistic. Okay, realistically I won't be running a marathon in the near near future, but in the "maybe one year away" I'd like to do a 10 k...R is also for Romance. I'm a romantic at heart. I love pretty things, lovely poems...beautiful art. I also love, love...which I have an abundance in my life.

T:T is for truth. I respect and admire those people that are truthful in their lives and to others. I strongly dislike (not going to say the H word) those that are fake, or liars. Although this statement is kind of funny. Like who really is going to say, "I admire fake people and liars."  Okay, T is for toblerone...I always love this chocolate at Christmas.

Y:Y is for yesterday. I am not focusing on my past. I am only focusing on today...and of course the future. Those that say you can't focus on the future is not a working mom of 3 boys. If I don't somewhat plan ahead...disaster strikes...what will we eat for dinner??So I have no shame in admitting I like to look into the future. Am I wasting my days away wishing I wasn't in the present...hell no!

O:O is for Ordinary. Who wants to be ordinary. Be extraordinary. Live on the the life you are living. What did Ghandi say? "Be the change you want to see in the world." Don't wait for life to become exciting, make it exciting...O is also for Oreo.  I have a beautiful cat named Oreo Cookie Damstrom, and I love myself a good oreo cookie.(the reason for one of the O's from above...eek)

N::N is for Nickleback. I saw them twice in concert years ago. They seem a little too commercialized for me. N is also for negativity.  I can't stand negative Is that statement itself positive?

E: E is for emotional. Sometimes I have been known to be a tad bit emotional. I can easily burst into tears watching something on tv, or listening to a song. Sometimes even if the song makes me cry I still want to listen to it a few times afterwards?? E is also for exhausted...I have found that by working full time and coming home I am most often exhausted physically and sometimes emotionally.  The woes of a working outside of the home mom....

And there you have it....fourty one! Fourty one reasons to celebrate today(ahem tomorrow)....
Life if great.....



Anonymous said...

How did I miss these posts?!
Happy birthday (6 months late) heehee, happy half birthday, right on time!

Dominion_11 said...

wow I love your "Forty One" it speaks volumes to me.. not totally because im 41 as well.. 42 around the corner.. anyway.. your view on life is refreshing.. I tend to be a bit pessimistic.. (working on that) I also am a member of sparkpeople.. but haven't been participateing.. (another thing im working on) oh.. im longwinded.. I apologize. :)

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