Saturday, April 16, 2011

Life is Beautiful

I am so happy....I got a job at the hospital!! Yee-haw!! So I am now employed at two different facilities! This means I am going to be super busy the next few months, but I couldn't be more thrilled. My hubby thinks I am nuts that I am thrilled that I will be working my arse off,but it's a job I love! I am also doing a Mental Health College course that starts in May, so time is going to be very valuable for us. Plans have begun for our Disneyland vacation...and the countdown has begun for Vegas Baby!! The boys are doing amazing these days! Seamus and his two companions won first place in the Northwest Pacific Music festival for Woodwind trio. They did a minuet(not sure of the spelling) and it was beautiful. Not sure where he gets his talent from but we are so proud. Next month he leaves on a band trip to Richmond for the Nationals. He is so excited...I know they will kick some band ass! I have my official cap and gown ceremony at the end of May. I'm not sure who in my class is walking up, or if I'll be the only one, but I looking forward to it. The Damstrom cup has begun in our household. I'm not sure if I have explained it before, so excuse me if you have heard this before. Scott made a tin foil Stanley cup-like thingy....we put toonies and loonies in it for a few weeks. Near the end we add a few bills. Last year, we also threw in street hockey gear...goalie pads and a helmet. The goal is who chooses the winning Stanley Cup team. I said, betting has begun. I'm not sure who is in the lead, but I will keep everyone informed. The boys are getting excited about the upcoming soccer season. Thankfully, Scott has amazing hours at his job...he works 3 days one week and 4 days the next, with every weekend off. So it looks like he will become the soccer parent this season. We are also looking forward to our Staycation here in Terrace for July. I will take a couple of weeks off and we will be doing camping, hiking and fishing. Not much is newsworthy. My life is where it should be. I am loving the life I am living. I am blessed beyond measure with a gorgeous man who loves me, and 3 healthy, happy and loving boys. I have family that love and respect me, who I treasure very much. What more could a girl want? Hope everyone is loving the life they are living.... :) ~Jenny

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SueakaNana said...

g'morning Jenny yay you updated, but wow you have been busy.. congrats on your job and yay you are graduating in May.. such a great day that is.. bet you thought it would never happen.. Happy for you.. sounds like the family is doing well too.. we are all fine here, I'm of course counting down till summer vaca.. I think 37 or so more school days.. tc and g.l. Sue

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