Saturday, February 20, 2010

What the Heck is my Password?

It's been so long I could barely remember how to sign in.

All is well in my life. Busy, but well. I'm loving the nursing program. Some courses I love, and do better than the others. My first two anatomy quizzes I bombed (69%, and 68%)so I was pretty disheartened. I was wondering what kind of nurse I'd be if I didn't know the anatomy of a body. However, I changed some of my studying techniques(ie...escaping to the library to study....a quiet environment) and on my quiz yesterday I got 86%! Hell yeah. It felt good. I needed this to bring my grade up and my morale. All of the other classes I'm doing great in. We have started every Monday going to TerraceView Lodge for a clinical practise. I'm extremely nervous for this Monday as I'll be taking care of my client on my own....oy...

The family is doing well. They seem to be adjusting to this crazy schedule of mine. Scott is extremely helpful. I have gone apeshit on him for no apparent reason on a couple of occasions as well as giving him the ol' ugly cry. He's been awesome at doing most of the things around the house. He still leaves the toilets for me...nice guy that he is!!LOL

The boys are doing great! Seamus is super tall. He'll be turning 13 in April! He had to do a project for school on his life and it was emotional to travel down memory lane with him. Life goes by so quick!! One minute you're holding a baby in your arm and the next they are starting the van for you!! He's busy with school and Scouts. Last weekend he went to an outdoor campout and spent the night in a quinzhee. They built the quinzhees themselves and he said it was fun, "exept whenever he rolled over the snow from the roof would fall on him!"...So he came home wet and tired. Last night he went to a youth group function called a "lock in"....the kids stayed up from 8pm-7am. So needless to say, he's still sleeping!LOL

Jonas is up to his sarcastic little self. He always makes me laugh. I had to take him to the doctor a couple of weeks ago. He was the last patient in and we waited....FOREVER to see the doctor. We were finally moved to a room where we still continued to wait. I made up a song for us about a doctor named "yertle the turtle" and how slow he was. Finally the doctor came in the room(and he honestly looked like:
Both Jonas and I were trying not to laugh and the doctor said, "I was going as fast as I could, "and then had to leave the room and Jonas quipped, "I'd hate to see if he was going slow". We both started laughing and couldn't stop.
He's keeping himself busy with cubs and school. He got a new skateboard for Christmas from his Auntie so he's itching to go out on that.
Gavin is busy with hockey and skating. We are having to monitor how much wii time he does, because he'd spend the whole day on the wii if we let him! He's doing awesome in school,but told me yesterday that he misses me being home when they get home. That makes me feel sad. I forget sometimes how little he is and I feel guilty that in grade one his brothers had me home when they got home and now he doesn't. He asked when school was done if I'd be home then and I said I was going to be working sometimes and he got a funny look on his face. Lots of changes for this family, but I'll have to see how much of me working this family can take.
I haven't been exercising much. I'm going to try and start that sometime...LOL...I have lost 11 pounds,but it's because I have been eating relatively healthy when I'm at school. There's a lot of time on the ass (or rather gluteus maximus) so there's a huge potential for future expansion there, so I must be cautious!
This weekend I'm studying for a healing midterm, doing my nursing care plan for my patient on Monday, researching articles for a research topic, and starting 2 more projects. No time for rest...and on that note, I bid you a happy weekend!!!
Hope everyone is well!


Rox said...

High Five Jenny! I'm so happy for you that you have Scott's support and help! You make me want to go back to school...too bad I still haven't figured out what I want to be when I grow up.

Jadekitty said...

Woot on your latest test score and losing weight!

C. Mitchell said...

I have missed your blogs - but school is more important :) So happy for you Jenny - keep up the great work!

Gwen said...

Came here totally by chance -- this didn't show up on my #$&% bloglines!

Glad you're still alive & kicking. You're doing such an awesome job -- it's a big challenge to juggle family and work, but I think you'll be up to it. :) Hang in there friend!

SueakaNana said...

yahoo Jenny... happy to hear all is well with you...sounds like you are enjoying the work part, and the family part sounds like it is falling nicely into place... and happy to hear you have a supportive hubby as well... and out of the mouths of babes, will grab at your heart.. but kids are tough.. its ok Mommy.. you can fit it all on in.... tc and thanks for blogging again.. Sue

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