Saturday, November 14, 2009


Overheard today at the hockey rink.
"My dad has a twin brother."explained Gavin to his friend.
"Does that mean they look the same?"asked his friend.
"Well...a little,"and he stopped to think, "except my dad is a bit fatter and my uncle has way less hair than my dad."
"so that's good you can tell them apart."remarked his friend.
"Yeah, I guess you could say that my Uncle is a skinnier, balder look alike of my dad."Gavin remarked.
I bet Uncle Shaun would love to hear that...hehe
For those of my facebook friends you probably heard the announcement that Gavin can now fart with his armpit. And, yes, he is extremely proud of this feat. So much that you speak to him and he tries to "fart" out the words...
I agree with Scott when he said, "this is growing old fast."
I asked him tonight, "you don't do that at school do you?"(like any concerned mother would ask) and he responded, "I haven't yet...I just learned how!"
So then we explained that a teacher would find it very rude and not to resort to that sort of behavior at school. And he replied, "I'll be incognito."...
Oh Lord, help us....



Rox said...

That kid needs his own tv show!

Tanya said...

Incognito hey? Hahahaha!

Anita said...

Bahahahahhaaa! Incognito :) You should make him a 'Fart Man' cape so he can save the world one armpit fart at a time :)

Kids are so friggen funny. Nyla looked at me today while we were getting some wood and said "you know, I don't think I'd be able to eat a horse, not a whole one anyway". Ummmmm ok, good to know.

Chris said...

Haha thats awesome incognito :P

Gwen said...

It's great that you're writing these down... as you know, one day he will be silent and sullen, and will drift around your house, eating all your food and listening to horrible offensive music. Enjoy these wonderful moments! :D

Jaclyn said...

hahaha My son and your son must hang out...cause a few weeks ago mine came to me with the same wonderful new "trick" he just HAD to show anyone and everyone he seen...I really wish someone would show them how to fold laundry!

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