Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ask Jenny

Okay, I'm alive and well. I am balls deep into my biology and am feeling a little bit stressed out. I'm counting the days til we leave for our Christmas Holiday down to the East Koots. We're so excited. After the holidays I will be an official nursing student. This means I get to buy some scrubs and quite possibly my very own stethoscope!! Yee haw!!!
I love our family and miss them so much. I'm missing my sister in law Krista lots these days. She's just the kind of person who can bring a smile to your face and is probably the most loyal person I have ever met. She rocks the kazbah in the most serious way.
Anyhow....I'm dry for blogging's up to you, my faithful 3 readers.
Ask me anything....I'll respond, maybe with some witty answer.

So fire away....



Gwen said...

We should see if we can find you some Star Wars scrubs.

Rox said...

What do you think will be the grossest part of nursing? (Heehee!)

SueakaNana said...

WOW a nursing student in the making yehaw... not much longer Jenny it seems like just the other day you were starting this course.. well to me anyways.. and Lucy told me yesterday only 69 days till Xmas gasp. i can't believe that yikes... its going to be nice for all of you to spend it down in the Kootneys.. have a great day TC

Tanya said...

What kind of medications to you think we'll have access to so we can "stick it" to the ones we "love"? Hahahaha!

Gwen said...

You could do the old "Desert Island" post. You know... which movies, which books, which people.

Of course we all know you would bring your tweezers! :D

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