Friday, September 11, 2009

Are You There God...It's Me Jenny

It's been awhile since I last posted. Crap...I don't even know what to update.
Since the anniversary of my dad's death came and went I was feeling in a big blue funk. My running, which I had learned to love, was thrown to the wayside 2 weeks before the first of July.
I'm a sabotager. Obviously this is something I don't realize I do,but it's after the fact that I tend to realize that when I'm feeling emotional I sabotage good things in my life. I tend to eat too much, stop the exercising, hibernate in my house....(I'm sure you get the picture).
We did get to enjoy a little bit of some of our summer. Scott had 3 weeks off in Aug/Sept. that we were going to spend camping and puttering around the house. Unfortunately, my sister in law's brother was killed in a helicopter crash and we decided that we were needed down in the Kootenays.
So we spent longer than we anticipated in the Koots,but it was needed. During that time an old friend from highschool's son died unexpectedly. He had some metabolical challenges through life,but had surpassed many with his capabilities. I had just talked to her at our reunion about how inspirational her son and her and her hubby were to me. His death broke my heart(as it did the whole community of K*itimat.)
My mother in law and our amazing nephew came for a week long visit with us. We had an awesome time with the two of them. Shortly after they returned back to J*affray we got news that my sis in law's best friend's son was killed in a hit and run. The same sis in law who only weeks earlier had lost her brother.
The death of this little 8 year old boy has thrown the community(and obviously without saying the family)into some deep sadness. It really makes you get a sense of how fragile life really is. My dad's death was extremely sad;however, it gives me comfort to know we got to know our dad. He got to see his grandchildren.
This little 8 year old boy's life was cut short before it should have. I know and truly believe that God has a plan with everything,but I do wonder sometimes what can be the plan with a little boy dying so young. No parents should ever have to bury their child. It's so heartbreaking....
So that brings me to today. My boys are healthy, funny, loving, and I was emotional when I sent them off to school. Not that they were going to school,but that for whatever reason they are still here with us.
Life can change at any moment.
Below is a random list of some updates:
~I'm off of sugar, white flour...eating clean. Since Monday I've lost 2 pounds.
~got accepted into the LPN program. Scared, nervous and excited.
~My sister gets married in less than a month. The spanx is ordered so I'm ready to go.
~Gavin won a ticket to the hockeyville game. He also won a spot to practise with some NHL alumni.
~I have to finish my Biology course before December....I have to find some motivation to do so.
~I have officially started my Christmas shopping. I have bought one present so far.
~We just celebrated our 11th year of wedded amazingness...and almost 19 years of sweet love...
~Life is good. My family is healthy, we are loving the life we are living.



Gwen said...

Oh, Jenny, you have gone through a lot. You're in my thoughts and prayers... sounds like a hard time. You're loved and appreciated!

And my word verification is "tropercal" which sounds like a good getaway idea for you and Scott. :)

Rox said...

I don't know if I'm reading too much into this, but you sound so sad, girl! So sad. If you need anything, call me. I'll try to be funny.

Stop beating yourself up about the sabotage thing. Be kind and gentle to your Self. She'll appreciate it.

Jenny said...

I am getting over my sadness...not as sad as I was last week. Getting out of this funk!

Tanya said...

We are going to be soooo busy starting in will have no time to be sad...I think thats a good thing!

You are so strong've been through the ringer...but God is getting you through step at a time...he is always with you!

C. Mitchell said...

Jenny!!! I am so happy you're back - I've missed you!!! I am sorry to hear of all of your sadnesses. You're a strong lady.
Don't beat yourself up about not running or eating healthy. The best part is that you are recognizing it. If you figure out how to keep on track and stay on it - please let me know.
Congrats about the LPN - you'll be so great.
I'm thinking about you - things can only get easier for you! Loves, C.

Carol said...

Hi Jenny! I'm glad you're back! I 've missed reading your updates! Sounds like a great summer and a sad summer too. I'm with you on how fragile life can be. So sorry for the families that are suffering.

Sounds like a busy fall with all the stuff going on! Way to go on the sugar - i would like to do that - not sure I could keep up with it... I'm weak.

My husband and I went for a walk tonight for the 1st time since June! How bad is that?! I was huffing and puffing the whole way. I'm going to try to be faithful to that.

Anyways... glad you're back! I missed you! :)

Anita said...

Jenny, I'm happy you're back.
My never met soul sister :)
I don't think we as humans, and we as women should ever feel bad for craving and taking solitude. I heard about how women in some other culture (can't remember which one) used to take time together as a big group of women to emotionally support eacother through hard times. When someone was going through something, all the other women would gather and be there for her. I thought that was amazing. A different kind of solitude, but still cool.
I'm glad the sun is peeking through and the clouds are lifting.
You're amazing... whether you run or not.

Anita said...

PS: Hearing about any sick babies makes me instantly head for my bed to bury myself in the covers.
Our experience with Maren is still too fresh in my mind and it short circuits my coping abilities.
We're women, we feel... sometimes a whole hell lot more then we want to! That's part of what makes us so bloody great :)

SueakaNana said...

hi Jenny, happy that you are back, and so sorry for all you have been its been a tough summer for all that has gone on... BUT we did have great weather otherwise....I have joined Tanya and Tasha in eating clean with Tosca Reno, omg its made me feel so much better.. and I am losing the excess poundage slow but sure.. so hang in there girl, it will happen to you.. I am going to join Aqua sizes with a friend and Tasha too, i have to stick it out as I tend to be a quitter, but come on how bad can it be right.. exercise in the water.. I will let you know ok.. We have fresh snow on Mt Lizzie today sheesh.. You take care and have a good week. Oh and with a little help from Laura, I put up a menu plan for the very first time cause yes I started doing that once I started back to work... ciao..

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