Saturday, February 21, 2009

What Not to Say to Your Wife....

"Scott do you think it would be okay to bring a small pillow to sit on if I went to a spin class?I asked.
"A pillow to spin class?"my hubby asked bewildered.
"Sure...I don't want major pain and discomfort happening in the butt!"I answered.
"Ahh don't worry about that babe...your bum is big, soft and's your own homemade pillow"He answered.
I shot him the "better stop speaking buddy"look....
"Uh-oh..."Scott sighed.



Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

open mouth
insert foot


Stupid males

Roxrocks said...

LOL Dumb move dude!

Tanya said...

Scott!!!! You'd think he'd know better by now! Just show's men never learn!!!

joni said...

lmao.. oye ..

let me come, let me come! call me.


hope you have a rocking good Sunday!

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