Thursday, January 01, 2009

Holy Calories Batman!!

We had a wonderful New Years Eve celebration. We stayed home and feasted on a variety of food:cabbage rolls, fresh bread, chicken wings,devilled eggs, sausage rolls, cheese, smoked salmon, and a Buttertart bar for dessert.(which was delish and super easy to make!!)
Did I mention there were only 5 of us eating this smorgasbord. We must have tons of leftovers...right??? Umm...nope. The family just finished eating the last of the buttertart bar with vanilla ice cream.

Today we recovered. I drank wayyy too much wine last night as did Scotty McHotty. It was fun though. The boys stayed up all the way til midnight. We listened to music and they performed a skit for us which was awesome. Joni had delivered a wonderful basket of goodies for me and in it was a Golden Chocolate Reindeer. We decided that whoever acted the best in their performance would get the "Golden Reindeer". In the end we decided it was a collaborative win. All boys got to share the Reindeer and were quite delighted. Thanks Joni!! After the boys went to bed Scott and I listened to music and just chatted. What a wonderful evening.

Seamus doing the narrative prior to the scene.

That performance definately deserved a standing ovation. Bravo boys!!(The hockey sticks were elven swords.)

And the lovely coveted "Golden Reindeer"....Best actor goes to a group collaboration!! There was even a brief acceptance speech which I forgot to take a pic of...boys after my own heart!!

As I mentioned,today was a lazy day. Both Scott and I slept in, and they decided that we'd have our last gut bombs for the next few months. I did a run to McDonalds(I eat this when I'm hungover)and then a quick but costly trip to Walmart.

It's been a feast before the famine in this house. Everyone is aware that we're entering a healthy lifestyle and so everyone seems to be stocking up. My dh must be concerned the most about this new way of eating. I've never seen a man eat so much junk in one day. I hate to think how many calories our family ate today.

Why do people do that?? Stocking up is what I remember this being referred to. My mom and dad would have a designated diet day and for 3 days before "D-day"they'd stock up alright. I wonder if there was a lot of stocking up in homes this New Years Day??

Scott just came in to the kitchen and said, "I'm feeling sick"...which of course I responded with, "wonder why? You just ate the contents outta the whole fridge!!" Oy...

Josey just came in following saying, "oh I think I ate wayyy too much junk food!"

Oh well, hope they're well stocked up...

I'm sure this family will be going through some serious withdrawal tomorrow. (and NO my family isn't on a diet...just making sure everyone will be eating HEALTHY choices!!)

Anyhow I'm off to waddle my way upstairs and have a bath.

Hope everyone had a wonderful day of reflection and relaxation today!!




Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

looks like you had a blast! I especially like the hockey swords!

Jadekitty said...

Happy New year!

Tanya said...

Ah yes...I too have stocked up good and proper! Bring on the veggies!!!

Sounds like you had a very fun evening!

Roxrocks said...

I was just debating on starting up on the treadmill or waiting until Monday...Oy!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great holiday Jenny and NO diets, just lifestyle change!!!! Have fun. I'll see you at the gym.


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