Monday, December 15, 2008

Vintage Love

I was just going through some junk in my filing cabinet while listening to some Christmas music. I found a bag full of cards that my step-mother-in law gave us a few years back. I looked through the vintage cards and came across Scott's Granny's and Grandad's "first Christmas together"card. It is beautiful and it made me feel very nostalgic.

What a great little gift we received today. I put it out and will bring it out every Christmas from now on. It makes me wish someone would have given us a "first Christmas together"card...




Tanya said...

Thats so sweet!!!

joni said...

very cool.

oh to go back to "our first".. i should buy something that said.. First.

that is very special.

Roxrocks said...

You should frame that. Scan the middle part and put them side by side in a frame. That's a lovely keepsake!

Karen said...

That is nice. I had to think who your step mother in law was!!!!

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