Monday, November 03, 2008


I need to go to bed. I don't like Mondays...really...
This will be a short blip. Tomorrow I'm not as busy as I was today so I can actually fit in some computer time in the evenings. Tonight we had hockey, beavers and Scouts. The boys and I had oatmeal for supper. Sometimes it's so nice not having to cook a big meal.(obviously Scott's on nights...he wouldn't be liking oatmeal too much!!LOL)
Beavers is having their first pirate themed sleepover at Knox United Church on Friday. Gavin isn't ready for a sleepover yet...or maybe, it's mommy not ready to send Gavin on a sleepover yet. We're going to go to the party dressed as a pirate and then come home, and wake up early enough to go back and have breakfast with the Beavers. Should be a good compromise.
Gavin's loving hockey. He talks about it all the time and has improved drastically on the ice!!
The other boys are doing good. Shay had his first dance on Friday. He said there was "too much drama" for his liking? He then explained his version of what "drama" is and I kinda of laughed. (nothing too dramatic trust me!LOL) Scott said he peeked in on them and the boys were on one side and girls on the other. And...Grade sevens...Slow danced!!! (Gasp!!, I wouldn't want my innocent child know what his mama was doing in grade 7!! not that folks!!!)
Josey won a prize for best costume as a pirate. He makes the sweetest pirate ever. I have pretty darling boys I must say. Josey is super pumped because his grandma got him some awesome hoodies, skateboarder jeans and a corduroy vest from Gap. He loves clothes.
The Madonna concert was fun! She puts on the most theatrical experience ever. I didn't like the fact that we had to wait for over 2 hours. Neither did my mother...(need I say more??!)
I'll get into more detail of the concert tomorrow when I have more time to write! If you ever get a chance you should go!
I am volunteering for 2 hours a day for the next four days in getting the Salad Bar up and running for our school. We are only one of 8 schools in the province(and only one in the North!!) that have started this amazing program for our children. In the weeks to come I will be volunteering 2 times a week for 2+ hours a day. (as will my awesomest bud Joni!!)
Shay has a volleyball game after school tomorrow and Gavin has skating lessons.
I'm already looking forward to Wednesday when there isn't anything on the go!!
Anyhow I'm off to bed.
Til tomorrow...

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Roxrocks said...

Busy mama!
I can't wait to hear the details about the Madonna show!

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