Friday, October 03, 2008

Naked in Heaven

Gavin asked me the other day if Grampa was naked in heaven. Just the thought of my dad in his naked glory was too much for my imagination so I replied, "of course not Gavie".
"Well what is wearing then?"he asked with wide eyes full of curiosity.
("Quick..think...."I thought to myself.)
"A...toga..."I said with slight hesitation.
"What's a toga look like?"he questioned.(yes he's a persistent little fellah!!)
So I went to the computer and googled togas...

This is one of the images we looked at.
"Ohhh...he's not wearing that!"Gavin said matter-of-factly."I'm sure Grampa took that off as soon as he was given it and put his black tshirt on and his holey sweatpants!"
This conversation was overheard by me on the way to Kitimat today:
"Hey come H(for sake of privacy I won't mention his name)isn't allowed to eat sugar?"Gavin asked.
"I dunno."replied Seamus.
"I think it makes kids hyper or something."Jonas replied.
"Poor guy....doesn't know what he's missing."Gavin responded.(as he was getting a slight sugar high from some sweet and sour candies.)
I had an emotional trip home from Kitimat today. I don't have the energy to go into it. Just classic stages of grief. I'm sad, I'm mad...I'm leaning on my faith...I'm questioning my faith...
F*%&$!! I miss my dad....
That's all I have...
*And now I think back to the above stories and smile.(and perhaps crave one of those sweet and sour candies!)
Off to bed folks. Gotta get up early and walk to the arena. I ate like woman who just came off of a hunger strike today. felt good.


joni said...

i am thinkin of you friend...

Gwen said...

Oh, Jenny. I'm so sorry about this. And knowing the classic stages of grief might be a little bit of help, but it sure doesn't take away the hurt. I'm thinking & praying for you.

I can just picture your Dad in grubby sweats, rubbing shoulders with Saint Peter in his toga. Too funny!

Anonymous said...

Priceless conversation Jenny. Kept me smilin. Love ya, Michelle

Tanya said...

Big (((HUGS)))to you my friend. I'm sorry that things have been so hard...I'm glad that you have such amazing boys to make you smile and laugh...even when you don't always feel like it.

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