Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday

I thought I'd follow Gwen's lead this morning.

Tired of losing your coupons before you hit the cash register. Here's a quick and organized solution for keeping track of them. When you are doing your grocery list, clip your coupons and tape them each on a piece of white paper(or if you are feeling free spirited...coloured paper...or if you're feeling green...a piece of recycled paper.) Line the coupon clippings up and down the piece of paper. (To take it one step further, you can have your clippings lined up on the page according to the aisle you are visiting.I don't bother with this, as I tend to hit all sorts of aisles randomly.)Remember to take the paper with you(this is important!! Don't want to do all the work for's been known to happen to me on more than one occasion!). When you find your grocery item on sale, remove the coupon from the paper and tape it to the item.

Voila, the coupon is affixed and you won't lose it on the way to the cashier!!

Works for Me...




Gwen said...

Wow. Sounds like you're more than just a pretty face! I'll do this.

Jenn said...

Where do you get your coupons from? Online?

Jenny said...

Hey are you doing these days??
I get coupons from online, as well as clipping from magazines...I also get this coupon magazine thingy that comes about once a month that has lots of coupons. My mom also brings me some...I guess I learned my thriftiness from her!!LOL
Scott's off for 2 weeks coming up...let me know what Andy's schedule is and maybe we can get together!!

Christy said...

Great idea!!!!

Christy said...

Oh and can also get coupons from They come in a week and they usually have some great ones on there!

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