Wednesday, September 03, 2008


This conversation took place on the way home from his one on one visit with his Kindergarten teacher this morning.

Gavin:"Mommy, is it so normal to be motional?"

Mommy:"Mommy is a little sad because you're growing up way too fast."

Gavin:"I'll still love you when I grow up."

Mommy:"I know hun. It's just that time is moving by so quick. Next thing you know you'll all be grown up and leaving home."

Gavin: "Oh...I'm not leaving home when I grow up."

Mommy: "You're not?"

Gavin: "No way. I got a good thing going on here."

We had a good visit with his Kindergarten teacher. We know her from being Shay and Josey's teacher. Just an amazing teacher. When Mrs. V asked how Gavin's brothers were Gavin said, "they are good. Jose got in twubble the other day for showing us he can put his big toe in his nostril.(Don't I have talented children??? What makes them think to stick a toe in their nostril??) Mommy was mad and sad that his toe would get stuck in there and he'd have to go to school with his toe in his nose. That would be funny."
Umm...Mrs V said, "I'm sure Jonas would really be happy you shared that with us this morning!"
We got a good chuckle out of it.
Hope everyone is having a great day.
I'm off to conquer my day...


Roxrocks said...

I've been known to be motional too. It's okay. You'll get used to it. Them growing up.

Anonymous said...

He looks so much older just from when I saw him last. He is the cutest little guy ever. He can come live with auntie when he is done school:)

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