Monday, August 25, 2008

Mumbo jumbo...

I'm sitting here trying to eat a ginormous orange freezie. So good, but so very very cold. I have it hanging out of my mouth(because it is too hold to touch), so I look like I have been Gene Simmonsized.
Today wasn't a very good was blahtastic. My five year old woke me up much too early.
"Mommy, you're pretty, gorgeous and beautiful...CanIplaytheWii?" Oy...(In our house "caniplaythewii" is in fact a word...)
My hubby is such a morning person sometimes it's slightly's like living with Maria(in man form...guess you figured that out)from the Sound of Music. So full of life...humming, singing....(Who friggen cares what the hills are alive with???)man...
Can anyone guess that mornings aren't my favorite time of the day?(insert snide chuckle here). School is almost starting and I will be back on schedule again. I feel like I was short changed with the summer. I can't remember much of July, August was an emotional blur and now it's almost September. Oh well...can't move back in time.(Oh but perhaps my(leftover) box of hochtaler can help...J/K)
Like I was saying I had the full case of the blahs today. I did manage to hit the elliptical and do some floor exercises while Scott and the boys were out flying the kite. It was perfect weather for this. Anyhow I had an awesome workout,and I can already feel the pain. I'm buying my gym passes on Thursday and then will hit the gym hard this month. I need to get those endorphins moving(as well as the metabolism!!).
While on the Elliptical the song"Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd came on my mp3. That's the last song that was played at my dad's memorial. I had a minor ugly cry. Losing someone is awful. I thought about the people I have known that have lost someone in their life and felt like I wasn't much support to them at the time. I remember when Sarah lost her son, crying in the shower.(Eventhough I have never met her in "real life" I was so touched by her story, her honesty, her struggles and amazed at her faith...I still am) I thought I felt her pain. It's only now that I can relate a little(can't fathom losing a child). You're an amazing woman Sarah. Thanks for perservering, being a woman of faith and of strength.
But back to the emo wreck on the was a sad workout. I miss him. I'm sad for my mom. She's holding up good,but I can't imagine how hard it is for her to go to bed everynight. I have my family to go home to. She has an empty bed.
We have a pile of stuff to do around our house in the next month. Things that were supposed to get done over the summer that just got postponed. I need to start on Gavin's room. I need to strip his wallpaper and then we are putting up beadboard wainscotting up. I think we'll paint the top of the wall a blue of somesort. His room is tiny,but I love it. It's like an old attic room from the Victorian houses. Pretty cool. We're going to have to get a dresser to put under his new junior loft bed. This way it will free up his closet. I want to put up a better closet organizer in and then doors on this closet. Sounds like a lot of is!! It will keep me busy.
We still have a deck to stain, stairs to fix and our workout room to paint. The list is endless.
Our 10th wedding anniversary is quickly coming up.(married 10 years, been together 18!!!) We bought ourselves a new laptop to commemorate this occasion. How romantic! Scott and I are happy with the purchase. It should be arriving in the next day or so.
Anyhow my blah, blaher...blahest mood seems to be improving. I bet is has something to do with the sugar rush I am feeling from the freezie. That was delish.
Gavin will be in kindergarten in September. All 3 of my boys will be in school. Life is going by way too quick. Scott just made a video for some of our photos today. If I can figure out how to post it,I'll share it here.
The other day we got word that one of Scott's childhood friend was killed in a plane crash. We hadn't seen him in years,but Scott's youngest brother is now close friends with him. He actually works for him. He was only 37, married and the father to 4 small kids. So sad...tragic.
This news just made me think even more of the fragility of life. We aren't guaranteed any tomorrows.
Aren't I all gloom and doom?? It's all good though. Today when Gavin came home from flying the kite he said, "mom, why is your nose red???...Were you crying?"
"Yes." I said.
"Is it still about Grampa??"he asked.
This just made me smile.
Tomorrow is a new day. Filled with a whole lotta stuff to do around here. I'm hoping it's semi nice so the boys and I can get a bike ride in.
Hope all is well with everyone!


Roxrocks said...

Gavin's words made me laugh/cry.

Hugs to you.

D-Ann said...

Every day the pain will lessen a little. I know it's hard to lose someone. Hugs

marla said...

jenny, blah days are completely acceptable!

love your posts.. keep 'em coming!

marla x

ps. i never say 'GOOD morning!' because that's a lie.. what morning is good?! haha

Anonymous said...

Blag days, blah weeks, that's where friends and family come in.

Love you,

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