Friday, May 23, 2008

Running/Walking Schedule

Hey everyone! Sorry this finds you so late. This running schedule is super easy to follow. I'm starting week 8 on Sunday(so friggen hard to believe) and haven't missed one run! I bumped into our instructor today and there is one handful of us left(5)...out of over 30+ runners. I'm one of them!! It's highly addictive and if you follow the schedule it does become super easy. The hardest runs were the beginning ones for me. Specifically Week 2. I was suffering with horrible shin splints and the pain was intolerable. However, I would ice my shins after the runs and pop a couple of advil. Eventually the pain did subside. I still am sore after a run,but nothing like the first days.

Here's some suggestions I have found that have worked for me:

~try and run on the same three days in the week. Keep these days as your running days. This week I had to fandangle my schedule a bit, (had a couple of outings to attend) so I need to run tomorrow and then again on Sunday.

~don't try and over run what they suggest. This can cause injury and you want the times to move up gradually.

~ice, ice, baby. Seriously, if you start to get some shin splints, consider icing your shins. This worked wonders for me. Combined with spelled R-E-L-I-E-F!!!

~proper foot wear. I wear old running shoes. However, they fit my feet like a glove. I know that pretty soon I'll have to go and trade these suckers in, but I'm actually afraid that the comfort I have from these shoes will somewhat be sacrificed.

~Nutrition. Make sure the fuel you're putting into your body is quality. I don't eat a heavy meal 2.5 to 3 hours before I run. I usually will have a banana, or fruit bar about 35 minutes before I run. It does make a huge difference.

~Water!! Drink lots of water during the day, BUT...don't drink too much right before you run. I had the mistake of stocking up on water right before I had to run one time and had to pee so bad while running. It made for a very uncomfortable run.

~Music!! I make a playlist the night before or a couple of hours before my run. I try to have a nice slow song for the walk and then I love the fast, pounding, high energy songs. Kanye West's Stronger='s MOTIVATION for me!!

~Don't count the minutes. Pick a song to run to and then just run. If I keep looking at my watch it really affects my mindset and performance.

~Make every step count!! Think about your posture. Your foot work. All of these can and will affect your running performance.

~Have fun!! Smile as you run! It's all mind over matter!! I also use this time to pray, especially when I'm struggling with the run.
Here's the running schedule courtesy of our lovely running instructor:(I really feel like I owe her a gift for starting this clinic up!! I'm so grateful!!)

* You don't have to run these exact week days. Just as long as you have 3 days to run in the week!

Week 1:

Sunday with the group(or alone ): Walk 4 minutes/run 1 minute x9=45 minutes
Tuesday: Walk 4 minutes/run 1x7=35 minutes
Thursday: Walk 4 minutes/Run 1x8=40 minutes

Week 2:

Sunday: Walk 3/Run 2 x 9=45 minutes
Tuesday: Walk3/Run 2 x 7=35 minutes
Thursday: Walk 3/Run 2 x 8=40 minutes

Week 3:

Sunday:Walk 2.5/Run 2.5 x 9=45 minutes
Tuesday:Walk 2.5/Run 2.5 x 9= 45 minutes
Thursday:Walk 2.5/Run 2.5 x 8= 40 minutes

Week 4:

Sunday:Walk 2/Run 3 x 9=45 minutes
Tuesday: Walk 2/Run 3x 7=35 minutes
Thursday: Walk 2/Run 3 x 8=40 minutes

Week 5:

Sunday: Walk 2/run 4 x 8=48 minutes
Tue: Walk 2/Run 4 x 6=36 minutes
Thurs: Walk 2/Run 4 x 7= 42 minutes

Week 6:

Sun: Walk 1/run 5 x 8=48 minutes
Tue: Walk1/Run 5 x 7=42 minutes
Thurs: Walk 1/Run 5 x 7=42 minutes

Week 7:

Sun: Walk 2/Run 6 x 6=48 minutes
Tues: Walk 2/Run 6 x 5=40 minutes
Thurs: Walk 2/Run 6 x6=48 minutes

Week 8:

Sun: Walk 1/Run 7 x 7= 56 minutes
Tues: Walk1/Run 7 x 6 =48 minutes
Thurs: Walk 1/ Run 7 x 7= 56 minutes

Apparently we will get a revised schedule on Sunday. I'll let you know what happens after Week 8!

Happy Running! Hope you love it as much as I have.
Thanks to Joni, who encouraged me to start this program!! You have always motivated me and also, believed that I am capable of doing this. This gave me the confidence! Big hugs my friend!!


joni said...

Jenny.. what an incredible post..all your running tips are awesome.

and what great honor you gave me...and really Jenny you give encouragement right back. You have walked many miles with me friend.. i would never want to walk alone.

thank you for your honestly with your running journey.. you have blessed many .. i cant wait to start with you.

Chris said...

Sweet post you ROCK girl!! I totally agree with you on the tunes thing having something to listen to made a world of difference for me. I may have to try this schedule out sounds challenging, what I try to do is run for distances, pick a distance and run it then walk a shorter one.. I haven't been getting out but I REALLY miss it :( I may have to try this schedule out though.. I'm to much of a noob to join a "running class" good on you for doing it..I have a million excuses for not doing it but the main one is that I like to run late at night before bed like an hour before the sun goes down..

Jenny said...

I like running late at night as well. It's generally the only time of my day that I get to do something uninterrupted!!
Excited to hear about your progress Chris!

Carebear and Firestarter said...

I love hearing your journey! First off because I share in your passion! I never thought I'd love running so much. I'm sure you feel the same way.
I love you tips too. I can relate to most of them. I run around 5 pm when Joe gets home from work, but nin and I used to run late.

I couldn't run without music. And totally with you about looking at your watch! When I'm on the treadmill, I try so hard not to look at the numbers on the display. Maybe that's why I find running outside so much easier, because I'm not running x amount of time, but just going x amount of distance. I just know I need to get from point a to point b.

I'm very curious though, what's next? after running 7 mins 7 times, then what? where do you go after that? do you just do your own thing or do they suggest a plan?

Nin and I are running our first race! we started with the shortest distance, and next year we will ramp it up one more. 2k this year and 5 k race next year. My goal is to run 5 at the end of this summer anyway. My sis suffered with shin splints too. I escaped that one.....but I have a funky knee. I twisted it 10 years ago really badly and sprained it, so now it flairs up every now and then.
Strength training like squats, lunges and calf lifts and abs and core all help prevent these things. I try to fit that in too, but it's hard.....

take care girl, maybe someday, we will be able to run together! Who knows, maybe we'll be in a marathon .......
With God all things are possible right????

Shan said...

Good for you Jenny. I have to use caution, too, since I'm prone to shinsplints. EEK does that hurt.

It doesn't take long for new running shoes to feel pretty good on the foot. The technology these days makes for mighty comfortable shoes. Nike has some good ones - depending on your pronation. I can't wear Reebok or New Balance, for example - they make my foot go the wrong way and compress it in strange places.

Anyway. Keep it up. I am out of the running (ha ha) for the time being as I broke my toe the other day.

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