Friday, May 16, 2008

Picture Perfect

Our t-ball super star!!

Josey on his field trip to release the fry. I now know
where Herman's hole is!

Soccer Star Extraordinaire!

A ride I can handle!

They went on this ride a couple of times.

I think Scott liked the slide better than Gav.

Up and away!!(nice part in your hair babe!)

A quick snap of me and my baby!

Preschool trip to the firehall.

A hike with the girls.

Serenity now.

Bodacious gals!

An early shot of my garden's really grown
in now!(will take some more pics)

Shay on his cubs campout at Kincamp.

Josey at Kincamp.

The whole group at kincamp.

More early garden shots....

Will post more later on!
Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful long weekend. My sister and her boyfriend are visiting,so we are having fun with them.
I have my last run of week 6 this week.(2 more Sundays and I will have completed the program) Currently I am walking 1 minute and running 5 minutes X7....if anyone is interested in running, you really should follow this program. It's amazing, and if I can do this anyone can!
Anyhow I'm off to begin enjoy this long weekend.
Take care!


marla said...

great photos, jenny!

can you please email me the running program? i'd really appreciate it. i'm allergic to exercise (heehee) but figure it would be worth giving it a shot.

have a fabulous looong weekend.


Tanya said...

Great pics!! Good for you for finishing your running should feel so proud of yourself!!

Enjoy your weekend with your sister...I hope the weather stays sunshiny!!

joni said...

hey bud.

Carebear and Firestarter said...

even the merry go round makes me dizzy!

nice pics! thanks for sharing them! and the update

Nin said...

those are some nice pearly whites. :)
Maybe we've all moved on from that, but those are some nice pearly whites.

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