Saturday, April 12, 2008

To Eat...or Not to Eat...That is the Question!

"Yummy some leftover cake. Have some willpower

"I bet if I take a picture
it will strengthen my willpower!"

"Hmm...seems to be working....I'll just pop it back
into the fridge...and voila...I'll be wanting no more!"

Tick Tock...tick tock....

"I just need another look, this time without
the cover. Man, I'm sure doing
well with the temptation..."

"Let's set up the cake for a photo op... (because it's

so picture worthy!)"

"Maybe just one taste...I heard if you give yourself

a chance to have a taste of the item you crave, your

craving will disappear after you have a tiny taste in your mouth."

"Umm...I heard wrong!!"

I am racked with a slight bit of guilt. I could use today as my free day...but wait, I used up part of yesterday evening as my free hours towards my free day! Oopsie daysie...I'm into my overdraft with my free days! I'll do an elliptical workout this afternoon, plus weights, plus abs, and try to fit in a power walk...

Who the hell am I kidding?? I'm going to go and retire to the couch with a nice filled belly and a smile of pure sugar delight!! Thank God there are no more birthdays in our family til July!!
Hope all is well!!
(I do have my run/walk tomorrow so I'm not feeling too guilty!!!)



joni said...


you are so honest. i love you.

wanna come over and have a glass of red wine.. i heard it cuts the fat.. hahhahahaha

Tanya said...

Hey...I should've done that with my cake this morning too...nothing like chocolate cake and a glass of mild to start the day off right...haha!!

Tanya said...

milk I mean:)

Anonymous said...

That looks so good, I wish I had one to eat!

Anonymous said...

LOL, only you could think of writing about giving in to cake! You are so funny & creative, I would have never thought to do I am thinking of cake and I have none in my house...that's a good thing I guess!

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