Thursday, April 17, 2008

Does it Sound Harmonious??

I was just reading somewhere that the kitchen is the "hub" of a home. A place for harmony and to bring the family together. Sometimes I wonder if it's only me, but I ain't thinking harmony when I'm in the kitchen.
Here's some of my thoughts...
~"Shit, I don't want to make supper tonight. Why am I the only one that has to make supper??"
~"We should just get takeout. Oh right, we had that last night...whatever, we'll do it again. Yikes...wonder what my mastercard statement will be like this month???(and then I cringe and shudder). Screw the budget and the diet!"
~"My family eats WAYYY too much. I just bought groceries two days ago and the fridge is almost bare!!! WTF??? There better be some snacks left!!(and I begin to look in the snack containers.)Are you friggen kidding me?? They ate every single fruit bar and left only the wrappers behind!!! Not even a cookie left!!!"
~"When was the last time I swept and washed my kitchen floor?...Oh...that's gross..what is that???"
~"I sure wish we could afford to put the new tiles down in the kitchen. Oh...this linoleum sucks!!!"
~"Speaking of sucking...these kitchen cabinets are ugly. So is the countertop...."
~"Get me outta this kitchen!"



Jenny said...

Shari and I enjoyed this conversation at 9 am this morning! Had to share!

joni said...

seriously ???? i swear you tapped my every thought this morning...

HAHAHA ... really.. .its almost scary how accurate you are.

.. still trying to beat the dirtiness of it up..

Jess came by and stole me for a quick run around Ferry Island..cold but nice.

heres to the hub Jenny!! (we need a girls nite to really toast that!!)


Jenny said...

I still want to do the "taste of India...or somewhere Hot and Spicy" night...
We need to plan..and start inviting!
That's awesome you got your run over and done with. I have mine tonight,and I am so friggen sore,and have the worst PMS!!!Feel like yelling and laughing at the same time!!
Poor Scott!

marla said...

Jenny, if it makes you feel any better about your kitchen ours is a galley/pass-through typically found in apartments. I'm tall and refuse to look in the bottom cupboards for fear of the sketchy lino-floors.. and we don't have children eating the good stuff but we've got a cat and dog tripping us up and crying (the cat) for food. sigh. Same story, different kitchen.. I think I'll stop and get take-out tonight!

Gwen said...

Girlfriend!!! I thought I was the only one thinking those things. Esp. the "we should just get takeout" bit. It's true: a woman's work is never done.

Tanya said...

I hear ya loud and clear!! Since being in school...being in the kitchen is a dreaded time of the day...and my kitchen floors? Well, lets just not go there...yep...not gonna go there!

Anonymous said...

I am in the wings waiting for a new countertop (mine is white tile, very wrong) and new tiles on the floor (old lino, very banged up) Of course, the reason I'm waiting is that it's a TON of work and I am just not there yet, you know?

Dream Keyper said...

You are so funny! Great stuff girl! Suzy

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