Friday, April 11, 2008


I received this today from a wonderful friend. It touched me and brought some tears to my eyes as I looked it over. Everything that is important and that matters is what is showcased. No words can really express my gratitude so I will just say"thanks Big G!!" I'll hang it on my wall with pride and admiration.
It made me think of all my friends who bless me daily. I am so thankful to be surrounded by a circle of strong women who love me for the person I am. I love you all!

We also received our new apron from the Blethering shop!
(I didn't have the heart to tell Gav that it was actually mommy's...we'll share!!)

On a side note. That cute boy pictured above just makes me shake my head at times. Today he was seeing what it was like to walk around the house with his eyes was fun, until he walked into a wall!!! Oy...
Anyhow...hope all is well! I have a housefull of boys. Shay's having his sleepover party tonight. Thankfully this group of boys are well behaved!
Enjoy your weekend!!


Jenny said...

Mmm...that baja chicken on the tv in the background sure looks yummy!!

Anonymous said...

I had to click both pics to see what the hey haw is going on. I think I'm losing my vision or I need bifocals. Anyway! Great pics and um, don't you HAVE a house full of boys already?! How many more can one mama handle?!

Jenny said...

The last photo(with Gavin in) should be used as a messy Tuesday Post...notice the underwear laying on the floor by the entryway...Oy...
I couldn't get a good closeup pic!!

Jenny said...

Losing my mind with all the lightsaber battles going on....
"couldn't get a good closeup pic of the picture frame". I probably should have zoomed in!!LOL
Don't think you're needing bifocals Rox, it's my picture taking skills!!

joni said...

awesome Jenny... i just bet Gwen had a wonderful time building it for you... because we love yah!!

i took another look to see the chicken commercial.. hehe

and then another look to find the underwear...haha good one.. (hardly noticeable)

OH and Princess Leia if you need to be rescued or just need a little extra help on the battle front ..let me know .. i'll gladly come with a lightsaber (or cookies) *smile*

Gwen said...

Oooooh, underwear on the floor..... how shocking. *snort* Messy Tuesday photo, my eye. I'd say your standards might be a little high Jenny!!! :)

Yeah, the aprons are A LITTLE small... my kids are enjoying mine too! oh, well.

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