Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Thidwick on River Drive

"Some may think I've lost it,
My sons will vouch for me...
We just saw ol' Thidwick
Galloping through the trees."
We just saw a moose...kind of lost and scared running down River Drive. He was causing quite the commotion. Vehicles were stopped watching this poor fellow make his way. I think he is a survivor of some terrorist attempts on his poor ol' life. As we drove by him he was running with all his might trying to break free...poor guy.
Hope he makes it to a safe haven! (My hunter wannabe husband would be singing a different turn than me, that's for sure!!)

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joni Happy St. Paddy's Day said...

REALLY!!! a moose !!! down river drive!!!

when ??

oh my.. i am so excited.. maybe he will trot down and say a hello to us?!!!

Ps most excellent post. ha

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