Sunday, March 30, 2008

Reality Check

Hot lunch order form filled out and money in envelope....Check~

Milk order form filled out and money in envelope....Check~

Lunches made and coffee set up for Papaliscious....Check~

Laundry Done...Folded and put away....Check~(a very happy check I might add!)

Wondering aloud to myself at this very moment..."Holy Shite...Am I living a Martha Stewart Moment?? (said in my finest Irish brogue)

Then I trip over a bag of recyclables and notice the big bag of Sally Ann stuff that was supposed to be taken over a month ago...and I'm brought right back to reality!!





joni said...

hahaha... dido..

too bad the moments and the realities couldn't swap each other for a while... it sucks that we feel the 'reals' all the time! HAHA

ps we are kicking some good time off our walks huh!!

Carebear and Firestarter said...

written perfect! you are such a card. Love how you wrote this. I have those moments, and like you walk around the corner and in seconds....

back to reality!

Gwen said...

Ha! Joni's right, it's too bad that reality always intrudes so quickly! I'm still pretty impressed with all you've gotten done, though!

Sharijoy said...

It seems my list gets longer instead of shorter!!! then I have to re add to my list the task I just thought I did!!

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