Thursday, March 20, 2008

Gone Baby Gone....

I'm having a hard time this past week realizing that in a week's time I will have a 5 year old. Where's my baby?? When will he not want me to sing him "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"before he goes to sleep? When will he not want his "blankie" when he sleeps?
For some reason this seems harder for me than the other boys. I guess the fact is with my other 2, I was always looking forward to the next step. When they were babies, I'd think, "cool, I can't wait til they start crawling". When the started crawling, I'd think, "can't wait til they start walking..." and so on and so on.
With Gavin we knew this was our last baby. Enfin, no more...snipperoo!! So I've held on to every moment because I knew that when they are done, then we'd no longer be experiencing this stage! I think that it's a realization how quickly time is flying by! It seems like yesterday that I was pregnant with him. I remember introducing him to the boys. He's been everyone's baby from the start.
I want to cling on to the innocence. He still calls out from his bedroom every night "mommy, I wuv you. You're pretty, and gorgeous and beautiful!" My heart smiles everytime his little voice says those words with earnest and sincerity.
He still comes into my bed in the morning for a quick "snuggle" and then jumps out and yells, "mommy can I wake up the bwodders(brothers)?"(which is always slightly annoying for the bwodders!)
Sometimes I want to just put our life on pause. I'm completely happy and content. I don't want things to change. I have an 11 year old that is changing before my eyes. I am beginning to catch glimpses of the man he will become. Loving, sympathatic and sincere. I have an 8 year old, who is still a fun loving boy who makes us smile with his quick wit and sense of humour.
And I have a 5 year old....
Where has the time gone??



Roxrocks said...

Baby, you are preaching to the choir! I've felt similar feelings of late, with Em turning 18 and Kay turning 13. I have two teens...WTF?!

It goes by so quickly and all you can really do is sit back and watch it all happen, taking in every moment without holding them back. *SIGH*

joni said...



beauties..your boys are really wonderful Jenny. and i hope our roads keep paralleling to each other,... i look forward to watching your boys grow into men,
sniff sniff,
bwodders? and wuvs?.. ahh i can hardly stand it!

Gwen said...

I bawled like a baby while reading this post. I know what you mean about always looking forward to the next development. I sometimes feel like I missed my oldest's daughter's babyhood because I was so focussed on the next step. Good for you, for recognizing what you have right now, instead of always looking ahead.

WAAAAHHH!!! I need to go have a cup of tea now to calm down. Thanks for the lovely post.

Joy said...

They grow so fast - make them stop!!! lol

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