Sunday, February 17, 2008

Meal Plan Monday

It's that time of the week again folks! Click here to head on over to Laura's MPM to find out what everyone else is eating!

Here's our meals for this next week, in no particular order.(no fish for this family...I'll bore him with Chicken so he'll be begging for fish!)

~Chicken stirfry

~Sweet onion chicken breasts, rice, cauliflower/broccoli.

~Sweet onion chicken breast wraps(left over chicken from the night before)and Tomato Bisque soup.

~BBQ Pork Roast, scalloped potatoes(none for me), carrots and green salad.

~Prawns(none for me)pasta, and ceasar salad.

~Meatballs, roasted potatoes, carrots and turnips.

~BBQ Steak, baked potatoes and corn.

What's on your menu?




Org Junkie said...

Look at you Jenny, first on the list! Sounds like a yummy week, I love prawns!

I hope we get more sunshine :)


sheryl said...

Mmmm...sweet onion chicken, stir-fry, and meatballs all sound so yummy! Happy eating :)

Michelle said...

Hi jenny the meatballs sound delicious and it's dd's favorite..must make them soon.Have a great week.

Pen said...

OMG too funny, you're not kidding that we have a few similar dishes on our menus this week. I'm going to have to try your sweet onion chicken!

Have an awesome week!

PlanningQueen said...

I Love combing corn on the cob and baked potatoes as well. They are a big favourite with the kids. Enjoy your week.

Bonnie said...

Yummy !! The sweet onion chicken sounds great !

Wifey said...

Mmm, your menu is making me hungry! Have a great week!

joni said...


beggin for fish... i love it

the husband may be the head ... but we the wives are the neck..
(not the exact quote but from - my big fat Greek wedding)

good menu as always,.. seea in a bit!!

Sharon said...

Your menu sounds delicious. :) Making me hungry! lol
Your family sounds well-fed. Good job. ;)

Natalie said...

I'll get that recipe for the sweet pork wraps to you soon. I just need to pull it out when the kids are distracted. :) Have a great week!

Summer Fae said...

Great menu! Do you make your own scalloped potatoes? I have yet to try and make it from scratch.

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