Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Here's a lesson I learned tonight. After walking in the door after a hard workout the first words spoken to me were, "you can't make fish for awhile...I'm fished out!"
I guess having two nights in 7 days may be alot of fish for some but I'm really trying to feed my family healthy nutritious meals.(By the time we eat what's in the freezer the fish is going to get freezer burnt!)
Someone is in charge of their own din-din for the next little while....
(excuse me while I have a moment of sailor talk to myself!)
Doesn't help the I'm PMS-ing big's what I wanted to give my darling husband....

but that wouldn't be very Proverbs 31-ish would it?
Oy....I'm off to hit the hay.
I've got to get in the feeling of love for tomorrow...the love in is happening for the evening!
Good night,


Carol said...

I laughed and laughed when I saw this! I'm not much of a Proverbs 31 woman most days either! haha! Here's to the journey of marriage and encouraging our friends along the way! What a fun ride it is!


joni said...

oh my friend Jenny...

i secretly love when you say .."talk like a sailor"

you are so fun ..

i bet yah, your sailor loves it too,

have a good nite... hehe

Connie said...

oy you make me laugh!

Pen said...

hahaha, must be something about us wives of fishermen!!

Jenny this totally cracked me up and gotta say "Love your openess!"

Hugs my friend.

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