Sunday, January 27, 2008


Buzzzzzzzzz.......A before shot of Gavin...forgot
to include the after.
It's very cute!

We had to get this pic. When we were in full lice
mode(thank God we got rid of them!!)we did a
vinegar rinse on the boys(as well as 5 other different treatments)
and after Gav had his he yelled down to his brother:(said
with pure exhileration) "Josey huwwy up...time for your
vinegar winse and Walmart bag on the head!!! (I guess
it's the little things that makes a kid happy!!!)
We couldn't stop laughing so we had to capture the moment!
FYI: Every parent should have tea tree oil and tea
tree oil shampoo on hand. This combo was a life saver
and nit/lice preventer. I swear by it!! Go buy some
and keep it on hand!! You'll thank me.....:)

Scott and two of the boys went skiing today.

Shay master of the hill....

Josey...wants to get good on the skis so
he can switch to the snowboard!

We had such a busy weekend. The boys had 4 birthday parties in total that I had to take them to. We had a couple of other minor catastrophes,so it'll be nice to just sit back in the next little bit and enjoy a cup of tea with my sugar daddy.
My focus for this week is to get my house in some kind of order, deliver Jenn her present(thinking tomorrow....), have workouts with my best workout bud Joni and do all those things on my to do list that I have been putting off.....('s quite a list!!)
I always feel like I'm a walking unorganized mess in January. Why is that??
Anyhow I have to go and spray down(I mean bathe) my two boys. Thankfully my 10 3/4 year old showers without help. Scott and I have a movie night planned for tonight. We're watching "The Painted Veil". Anyone see it? Hope it's good.
Happy Monday to you all!!

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Anita said...

Great pics Jenny!
I love the bag head pics :)
Let me know how the movie was, I've been wanting to watch it.

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