Wednesday, January 30, 2008

In A Galaxy Far, Far Away.....

Remember this lovely contraption

Well it's been a living nightmare wearing this. I generally am one who tries hard not to complain too much.(I do try,but am not always posts that has complaints within the last couple of weeks!LOL) Nothing worse than hearing someone constantly bitching and complaining. Instead I just mumble to myself around the house. I'm a true mutterer. Scott will catch me sometimes and say "you just said what...and why?"(all words that should be kept to myself)
It's probably better to complain more often to others. What I find is that I horde my complaints. So instead of being one of those people(now that I think about it, it's not so bad!)that always has issues, I keep all my little issues all horded in one spot and then something will set me off...and wham...It's like issue diarrhea.
Currently I have an issue with this bloody freaking, mudder fudder of a contraption I am supposed to be wearing. It's wrecking my sleep. I need sleep. I love my sleep. This makes me a very cranky mama. Arrrggghhhh....
I am supposed to be wearing this a couple of hours during the day. It is really difficult to wear with Gavin at home. He doesn't like seeing me wearing the thing. Perhaps it's because I look like I swallowed an orange. This is what Scott says I look like when I wear this thing.
I also can't communicate well with the thing. Scott is getting good at understanding the humms. For example, I'll hummm...."hm, hmm, hm hm?" in the morning, and that means, "what time is it".
Before bed I'll humm, "hm hmm hm" which means, "I love you."
Sometimes I'm trying to hum a long sentence and doing the charades and Scott will say, "take that thing're freaking me out!"
Nevertheless, it has been an interesting couple of weeks with the gadget. I'm supposed to be wearing it to "perfect" my bite. Scott can't comprehend this. He said my teeth look awesome...but I guess if the ortho says I'm supposed to then I will try.(all for vanity folks...forget about sanity!)
This positioner is very irritating. It doesn't matter to me that I look like I swallowed an orange and that I can't make a coherent word. It does matter to me that it interrupts my sleep.
I seem to make some very odd noises with this contraption. The other night(Scott was still up watching TV)I woke up to the shriek of the smoke detecter, or what I thought was the smoke detector.
"Fire...was that the smoke detector?!"I sputtered to Scott as I spit out the positioner.
"Shit Jen...that was you!...I never knew you could beep like that!"he laughed.
Yeah aren't I a woman with many talents!
I also(I mentioned this in a previous post)heavy breathe like the Dark Sith himself. In between the breathings I'll hiss and whistle. It sounds like I am actually R2D2 or C3PO. Oy....maybe Star Wars will be remade and I can be cast as a voice over.
Sometimes I wake up in the morning without the positioner. Scott said he was watching tv last week and I sat up in bed and chucked the positioner and fell back to sleep.
Most mornings that the "thing"(as I have now named it)is off, it is placed nicely on my side table;however, there have been a few mornings where we are searching in the blankets and under the bed for the thing.
So where does this leave me? Tired and cranky I suppose....
I will keep humming, hissing and screeching along.
I just had to have a good ol' rant of the day!


Carol said...

I laughed right out loud when I read your posting! TOO FUNNY!!! I hope that writing out your frustration (which we're happy to read) was cathartic for you - it sure made me giggle! I loved the fact that you sat up in bed and threw it!!! Hope it gets better!

RoxRocks said...

How long are you supposed to try to live like this?! I think I need to see video of it to get the true visual! (Email me! LOL!)

Jenny said...

My next appointment is in 3.5 months!!
I had Scott take a pic of me in my flourescent pink shower cap and with the thing on, but chickened out in posting it. Too creepy!

Nin said...

can soooooooo relate, and know exactly how you feel. I HATED HATED HATED that thing! It is the most annoying thing in the entire world to not be able to thinks there's a parable of being silent before the Lord in there haha!
But coming from someone who was way more immature young and dumb, and who DID NOT wear the stupid thing like I was told, be warned, that if you do not wear it, you're teeth will move! Dentists can tell you this over and over, and somehow we just roll our eyes and remember all the times they said they would take the braces off and DIDN'T! and think, yeah.....go swallow your lies.....but seriously. Take a tip from someone with crooked teeth, whose teeth once stood in perfect rows....
Sigh....feel for ya, but it'll all be over soon!

Chris said...

Hey Jenny, I can do it whenever is convenient for you

Tanya said...

This was too funny but I feel for ya! Trust me when I say that I hope the next 3.5 months go by quickly...not only for you...but for me too...that would mean only 1.5 months left of school!!

Take care!

Jenny said...

Nin, I actually have permanent retainers top and bottom(bonded between my teeth),I don't think my teeth will shift(better not!!). I think the positioner is to position my jaw. I may be wrong though.

SueakaNana said...

lol really loud, you are a funny girl jenny, fire - smoke detector. haha. and it was you omg, tash says i make funny noises when i snore can you imagine if i had to wear a Thing!! sorry about laughing not at you but with you friend.

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