Sunday, November 25, 2007


Helloooo my blogger buddies!!
Well my computer died a couple of weeks ago. I guess doing the Eulogy was fitting!LOL
So we are computerless until after Christmas. It sucks in a way, but in all honesty, it has been good for my addictive personality. I say this only because my cell phone lets me surf the net, now if I was cut off dead from the internet, I might be singing a different tune. So even though I am not commenting I can still check out a few sites.(it is somewhat time consuming so I don't do this too often!)
Today I am at my parent's house. Just chillaxin'. My dad is watching the superbowl and I will probably irritate him when I go in and ask what a "down" is. I've watched football my whole life(and there are quite a few years!LOL)and I still am clueless what is going on. My mom has the chili cooking and it smells divine! Gotta love Superbowl Sundays.
Happy Birthday to my middle son Jonas! I cannot believe that he is 8! Time is kicking by wayyyy too fast for my liking!
The past couple of weeks have been really busy. I'm not exactly sure doing what, but I do know that I have been super busy doing something. A little bit of this 'n that I suppose.
"Lucy, Lucy Wherefore art thou Lucy?" A one minute visit at Walmart doesn't cut it for me! Timmies is calling us...LOL
I'm also missing all my other girlfriends: gotta walk this week. No ifs, ands or buts...
Jenn.....comment ca va???
Char, Char, Baby, you better get you and the babes over to ma hacienda this week.
Shari and Pen, I'm heading outta here quickly, we better get together before two weeks!!!
....and Gwen, thou fairest Gwen. Had to mention you, even though I did just see you!(could see you again soon though!!;)
This past week has been hectic. I was told by my ortho that I "urgently" need to see the perio!Apparently my gum is 'stripped' and my lower gum line is dangerously low and he is worried. He wanted me to fly down to Vancouver and see the dentist. WTF? I said that if I was making his kind of money it wouldn't be an issue, but I'll have to wait until the periodontist comes into Terrace, which won't be until April. He thinks it'll be 'too long' to wait. Too long for what??? Are my teeth going to fall out?? So I phoned my dentist and will see him on Tuesday.
Really there isn't anything to do. The problem is I've been in these mudderf*en braces for 3.5 years and there is a constant force on my teeth from the braces and the elastics.
Oh yeah, did I mention that this procedure isn't covered by my dental. This ONE THOUSAND dollar procedure!!!
I heard the term "lip support" from the ortho and forgot to question what he meant.
So I asked my DH.
"Hun, what do you think Dr. C meant when he was mentioning 'lip support' " I asked.
"He might be saying that your bottom lip will soon fall down to your knees!!"he laughed.
"You mean like this!" I said while demonstrating a sunken lower lip.
"I think you better get on with the procedure then!"he laughed.
Well...we laughed so hard that we both had tears. Then I've been noticing there's a lot of people around town with some rather sunken looking lower lips. And I have quite big lips....beautiful!!!
Also Scott needs to get some dental work done in the tune of a few hundred buckaroos. Why do we have extended dental if they don't cover anything fully???? Piss me off....whatever though. All my woes are all petty in reality.
Life is good. I am so excited for Christmas. I just need to get a couple of things for Scott. Unfortunately my pursestrings are tight with each other this Christmas. I don't know if getting his two front teeth repaired is an adequate Christmas present.
Oh could I forget this news...I get debraced on December 10th....Hallelujah!! Anyone wanna go for ribs that night?? Let me know!! Just in time for our Christmas getaway. We are heading to Edmonton and Jaffray for the holidays and we are all so excited. I'll take tons of pics and hopefully will be able to post them when we get back.
Besides that bit of ramble nothing else is new.
Hope all is well with everyone!!


Jenny said...

Ha Ha, was just told that it is the Grey Cup and not the superbowl!!
Shows how much I know!!LOL

Gwen said...

Glad to hear from you again! Thanks again for having us the other night, I'm already excited about January!

joni said...

oh jenny your the super best!! i so will walk in the snow or rain or wind with you tomorrow!! come and pull my sorry a$$ outta here!!

its been way to long.

PS i hate that your pc is not working.

Gwen said...


paleraven50 said...

hi jen, good to hear from you again, and i am p.o.ed i can't read up on penny anymore oh well. but i have missed reading your blogs, and wow not much longer for your braces right. that will be nice for you. i'm off to watch some shrek xmas show and then to watch my wed fave private practice, gotta love the black guy naked oh ya baby. ok ok i don't have a life haha, hope you are all well. take care sue

My life said...

LOL Jenny you are too cute.
I miss you too hun, your right it has been way too long.
We need to get together before the xmas ruccus.
Hope all is well and wishing you a great weekend hun.
Take care

Joy said...

I was just informed that our little Ellie needs braces, ugh. Hubby works for himself so we have no coverage. Double ugh.

Love your blog banner, btw. And have missed you! :)

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