Monday, November 12, 2007

Better Late than Never....

Who are you in a few long sentences? How do you want to be remembered?
When I first told my husband of this exercise he looked at me like I had fallen off my rocker.
"It sounds a little morbid!"he stammered.
I, on the otherhand, was intrigued. I found this very challenging. If I were to die tomorrow how would I be remembered? So I dug deep. It's not as eloquent as Shan's or Gwen's, but it's a little bit about me.

Here is my Eulogy. I've presumed that I've passed away at this very next moment:


We are celebrating the life of Jenny. Mother of 3 young boys and wife to Scott. Jenny was taken away from us after a fateful slip on her "Style at Home" magazine that caused her to pierce her jugular with her ever present tweezers. Little did Scott know that the words"those tweezers will be the death of you" would in fact, be foreshadowing this fateful day.
Growing up in a small town community of Northern BC ,Jenny spent most of her free time with her family on the riverbanks. She was the oldest of 3 and had a close bond with her brother and her sister.She was a mix of tomboy and "girly" girl. She loved to build tree forts in the wild, while dreaming of becoming a ballerina. As a young girl she spent countless hours distracted by thoughts of faraway places and writing short stories. Her journals became close confidantes and it was only to them she shared her deepest thoughts.
As a young adult in Whistler BC she met Scott. She often shared an exaggerated tale to her boys(amongst the moaning and groanings of "not again Mommy!") that the earth moved when she laid eyes on her handsome prince. Little did they know that she wasn’t exaggerating! He was the one that would change her life. She was immediately hooked. Scott and Jenny began a courtship, sort of speak that lasted many years. 7 years in fact. It was in the summer of ’96 that things became more "serious"for them. They were to become parents. Suddenly, their lives were on a different path.
A year after the birth of their son Scott and Jenny became “legal.” This term was a long standing joke between each other. Their marriage cemented their already commitment to one another and Jenny often told people it was the most memorable day of her life.
Through the years they added two more boys to the brood. Each boy was unique but a perfect puzzle piece to the family.
Jenny was most proud of her 3 boys. Her 3 boys were her greatest gifts. Each child taught her a valuable lesson. Her oldest son gave her and Scott the commitment they desperately needed and set a path to which they were to travel.
Their middle son gave Jenny faith. She turned to God when all felt hopeless with her son’s recovery and with deep prayer she witnessed her son’s arm heal. This was a turning point for her. She began her relationship with God.
Her youngest son gave her contentment. For the first time in her life Jenny had a sense of peace and comfort. She, for once, understood that the simple things in life really were all that mattered.
Those that knew Jenny will miss her laughter, her kind heart, and sense of adventure. She loved to spend time with her friends, but preferred a smaller group than a large affair.
She didn’t like the idea of conforming and struggled for many years with belonging to a church. Yet in the end it was here she went to for comfort, support and acceptance.
She considered herself a feminist.
She was an eternal optimist.
She was a socialist and believed in equal rights for all.
She was the first to admit her imperfections. She disliked mornings, had a knack for interrupting people, was a procrastinator,and had what she described "a butt on my gut". She had a quick tongue, often made judgements, could swear like a trucker, and could burp the abc’s.
She was an unconventional woman.
She will be missed.
"Love is the only flower that grows and blossoms without the aid of seasons."~Kahil Gibran


Gwen said...

So beautiful, Jenny. When you said that you finally found peace and comfort, I just started bawling. What an absolutely lovely person you are. Thanks for this.

joni said...

again.... never die.

my face is long and my eyes all filled and i can't get my lips to unlock together...

oh jenny.

i don't think i like eulogy's. ...sniff.

RoxRocks said...

I like this idea but your damn eulogy made me cry! I had to remind myself that you are still here! Yowza! I may do this one...

Shan said...

Joni, you know what? I started it and EVEN I am not sure I like the eulogies.

I think it depends on when you read them. And the first read is always traumatic...I'm interested in the process of this: when I read them, I am sad and I grieve a little bit. It's on the second, or third, read that I can see other things emerge - little clues to your mind and bits of your heart. It's lovely, really. I feel peaceful afterwards...when I've had time to process.

I guess it's pretty realistic that miss people, you meditate on their lives, then you find a purpose and peace to it all.

Devo said...

I like this. You know yourself, and it helps others who don't feel as if they do, through this great medium of blogging. I am fairly comfortable with the mock eulogy thing, it's a fun exercise in relation to the inevitability of life.

Devo said...

I like this. You know yourself, and it helps others who don't feel as if they do, through this great medium of blogging. I am fairly comfortable with the mock eulogy thing, it's a fun exercise in relation to the inevitability of life.

Devo said...

Sorry i don't know why that happened.haha

Crystal said...

Wow, that was beautiful, but I have to kind of agree with your hubby on this one, it's a little morbid!

Just don't die, you have much more to do....LOL!


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