Monday, October 15, 2007

Time Travel Tuesday...

Here's my post for Time Travel Tuesday courtesy of Annie:

I have been blessed with many opportunities in my life that have challenged me. One of the most adventurous things I have done happened in 1995 in Hungary Budapest.
While traveling in Hungary we stayed at the coolest Youth Hostel. Here we met up with friends of ours from back home. At the hostel we were told of the "Caving" adventures. It sounded neat enough. We'd go exploring through caves led by a friendly tour guide.
I was in...
Gulp....little did I know what I was in for!
I had imagined caving as putting a headlamp on your head and trekking through trails through a mountain....WRONG!!!
We explored the mountain alright. On our hands and knees, often in the commando position, we inched our way through many spots that we didn't think we could fit in. A couple of times I couldn't move...I was stuck. My only thoughts were, "I'm stuck in the middle of a mountain?!! " At one point I voiced my concerns to our tour guide Atila.
"What happens if we get stuck? Who gets us out?" I asked trying not to sound panicked.
I had quickly imagined a great international rescue attempt that probably involved some sort of drilling.
"No one."He replied in broken English. "You wait and keep squirming. Eventually you'll make your way out!"
(Double gulp!!)
So...the only way out was to shimmy your body slowly and make your headway...sometimes inches at a time!!!
I realized one of my fears while in the "sandwich of death". The name alone intimidated me!! It's amazing the different moves your body can make when it is forced to. A couple of times I realized my legs looked like a human pretzel!!! I realized then I suffered from a mild case of....clausterphobia. Yep...what a great way to realize your the middle of a mountain!! I can still smell the damp air and remember vividly the feeling of total darkness eventhough there was a dimmer of light from our was eerie!!!
Through lots of squirming and a talk to God, I managed to wrestle my way out!
There were many holes and caves that we had to squirm our way through that day. I faced many fears head on in that mountain.
This was my biggest adventure in life. I was frightened, excited, thrilled and had the biggest sense of accomplishment when I walked out of the mountain into fresh air!!! Pure jubilation!!
I look at the day fondly. I conquered fears I didn't know I had and learned a lesson of perserverance!!
The Sandwich of Death was my grandest Adventure!!!


And Annie I have a special treat for you:

Read here for more of the details from Natalie! Thanks for commenting!! Have a great day!



Nancy Face said...

OH...MY...GOODNESS...! I would have been terrified, probably in tears, and praying all the way! Being the big chicken that I am, I'm SOOO impressed with your courage! Bravo! I loved reading your story! :)

Stephanie said...

Wow, that sounds like SOOOO much fun!!! I would totally sign up for that if I had the opportunity. Thanks for sharing!

KC said...

OH my goodness.. "no one" UGH.. no one comes to help you.. you just stay there go a few days without eating till you lose enough weight to get unstuck.. UGH>. sounds like a cool adventure but not one I want to take anytime soon :)
(oh btw, the going days without eating thing was what was running though my head as I read it, but in the whinny the pooh sort of way where Pooh ate too much honey at Rabbits house and got stuck in the little hole which was Rabbits door way, LOL OH my I have too many kids LOL)

Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

My claustraphobia had my heart racing just reading it. I could have never done it.

Barbara said...

Thanks for sharing! I couldn't have done it. The thought alone makes me terrified.

Sharijoy said...

Cuz of you Jenny I too did that trek when I went to there!! Only they tried new headlights out that all failed 15 mins in!! sooo we did it in the dark with three hand held flashlites!! thanks for that it was one of my best time in europe!!

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts said...

Oh, wow! I could never do that! But I am so glad you were able to face and overcome your fears. That must have left you with such a great sense of accomplishment!

Chunks said...

That freaked me out and I wasn't even there! You're a brave chica!

annie said...

Wow, what an adventure!
thank you thank you for the special treat!!!

joni said...

Jenny i think your putting us on.. NO way your a sahm..(stay at home mom) bet your some top agent and your under some deep cover... maybe your whole family is in on it...whhoa

well ..You are incredible.. wow. not only are you get the calm award. awesome.

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