Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday Sunday....

Well today wasn't much of a productive day. My van has a flat tire so I have to wait until Scott can put the donut on it. I have no idea how to change a tire. I'd be hooped in the middle of nowhere. Thankfully we have the truck, so the van can sit til he changes it.
Today I sat on my big ol' buttski and did nada. TLC was playing the Little People Big World marathon, so that's basically all I did. I did manage to have a couple of conversations with Joyfulness so that was good. That was my excitement. I needed a day just to do nothing.
Tonight I was scrambling. Trying to get the laundry done, the kitchen floor cleaned, my closet tidied...makes no sense why I try to jam a day's worth of work into a couple short hours.
After watching a days worth of Little People Big World I came to this conclusion...Little People Big Mess! Holy Hannah...they certainly don't keep a tidy house!LOL Not that mine is all Martha, but if I was being filmed on National tv I could guarantee my house would look spiffy. I guess some people don't care. That really is the best attitude to have. I still need to work on that! I also love that they are just as normal as any of us families. The kids fight, the parents bicker, people are running around like's just like our house!!
So that was my Sunday. A day with the Roloffs. They are still on. I did manage to bake a couple of batches of cookies and I am going to have a glass of milk and 2 chocolate chip cookies!!
Ahhh...shoot me...It's my free day!!!
Looking forward to another week of workouts and stiff muscles...not really, but mind over matter!!!
Good Night!


Tanya said...

I've noticed too that they keep quite the messy house...I guess its just surprising to see that on TV...cause you never do!! Nice to see that they're just like everyone else...well you know what I mean...not everyone has that messy of a house...but they don't pretend to be something that they're not.

Hope you enjoyed your cookies!!

Chunks said...

The Roloffs are AWESOME! It's funny that you mention the mess because that is something I thought of too, although I am probably closer to them than I'd like to admit!

It reminds me of Darin's family life on the farm. Not the cleanest house but by far one of the most welcoming.

I used to be OCD about housework big time. Then someone told me that they came to see me, not my house and I've tried to keep that in my mind ever since. Better to make your guests feel welcome and have them remember the good time at your table than to fret about the crumbs on the floor or the dust on the shelves.

Sharijoy said...

I've just played catch up reading your are too much!! I love yeah!! I'll have to do a couple of the memes!!! Talk to you in the AM..find anything more out about the calendars?

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