Saturday, October 20, 2007

5 things...

I snatched this from Annie and thought it would be good to do for today.

5 Things You Want Your Kids to Know Before they Grow Up:

1. God's love.
2. Their own self worth.
3. Love for all, regardless of race, social standings, or sexual orientation.
4. How to balance a chequebook and put money into a savings account. (I was never taught this so it took me awhile to figure it out!LOL)
5. How to treat a woman with respect, love and gratitude.

There's so much more...
But we'll stop at five.



Tanya said...

Thats a good list of 5 to start gotta start somewhere!!

Anita said...

OOOOH, I loooove this! I'm going to steal it for my blog once I figure out my 5. It might take a while to whittle down the list :)

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