Friday, September 07, 2007

Please watch this...too funny!!!
Scott and I enjoyed it!
You're too funny girl!


joni said...

good one .. stan says that lady is nuts.. lol too funny ... Better to be in a fake pretend relationship.. no one really knows anyone?! crazy. and they wonder why devoice went overload in the next generations? or was it women rushing in the mental institutions? i better do my research..

Chunks said...

hehe That Stan, he knows crazy when he sees it! LOL!

It still makes me laugh, the whole "pretend he is the boss" thing. Aaaah 1947. hahahhaha!

Thanks for the linkage!

Charlene said...

You know, I am wondering where the granny post went. It kind of ended abruptly and I was looking forward to a happy ending. Hope all is well Jen and that your back is feeling 100% today. Heading out to 18 mile. We will try some more!

Jenny said...

I'm working on the Granny post and didn't finish it....I thought I saved it,and didn't realize I published it.
Will finish it later.
In Kitimat, Scott is drifting this afternoon/evening.

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