Thursday, September 20, 2007


This was loudly stated in the bakery/spice section in Save on More the other day, by my, not so bashful 4 year old:
"Hey Mom..."Gavin said loudly.
"Yes Gavin."I replied.
"That lady's bum cheeks are hanging outta her pants. Does she know?"He said.
I'm glad he's so observant, and truthful. Yes the young lady was bent over looking at the sugars and her glutteus exposedius was hanging out for everyone to notice.(I'm sure not intentionally)
"Gavin that's not nice!" I hushed.
"Why's it not nice...It's true...see her bum cheeks!"He exclaimed.
So we bee lined outta the bakery/spice section...
Poor girl. I saw her cheeks got a little flushed from that comment!
Enjoy your day!


Devo said...

That's hilarious! Gotta love kids, they just say it like they see it. Some people (sadly) wish to have their bum cheeks hanging out of their pants. haha.

TANYA said...

Which cheeks got flushed? hee hee!

I saw Jonas yesterday...he yelled hi...he's so cute, can't believe he's in grade three already!!

Connie said...

awesome!! hee hee!

jenny... i just have to say that you inspire me. just had to say that today. you have a great attitude, a great sense of humor, and i admire your positive "go get em" attitude with the exercise/eating thing!! you are just darn adorable!!


Anita said...

Bah ha hahahahaaa!

Who knows, maybe he did her a service by inspiring her to wear more clothes :)

Chunks said...

Well, if your bum cheeks are hanging out, what do you expect?! Hahahah!

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